Lizzy Hicks '25
Lizzy Hicks ’25

Lizzy Hicks


Psychology and Health & Society


Head Admissions Fellow, Abele Scholar and Mentor, Voices of Ursinus Choir, and First-Year-Center Resident Advisor

What do you love most about Ursinus?

I love the strong community on campus and the ability to get everywhere on in under 10 minutes! Its always so fun seeing familiar faces on my walks to Wismer or on tour, always reminds me of the welcoming community.

What opportunities have you had to explore and grow your passions at Ursinus?

I have been able to further my education focused in psychology, learn more about others and their whys, and beyond that I have been able to growth and strengthen my skills, network, and passions that will help me in future careers and life!

When did you first discover Ursinus was the right fit for you?

When I first toured the college, I knew it was the one for me. The campus felt so warm and open, plus everyone I talked to on campus made me feel so welcomed. I knew it was a place I wanted to grow.

What has been your favorite experience at Ursinus so far?

While I cannot say a specific memory is my favorite, I can say the people I have meet have made my experiences that much more memorable.

Advice for incoming students:

Come to college open to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Whether that’s forcing yourself to introduce yourself to new people when you normally wouldn’t or trying out a new club, its the experiences and efforts that make college worth it. You get back what you put in, so try something new!