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Max Parnis
Max Parnis

Max Parnis

Max Parnis graduated from West Chester East High School in 2023. He is one of our U-Imagine Student Scholars. At the center, Max works alongside the other ambassadors working on the media team and helping organize our events. Alongside the work in the U-Imagine Center, he Wrestles for Ursinus as well as runs his own clothing brand called The Coastal Factory.




Men’s wrestling team

U-Imagine Center Student Scholar


Outside of Ursinus, I buy and sell discounted jewelry and other items and sell them for a profit. I started doing this in 2019 and it has taught me a lot on my venture to be an entrepreneur.

Life After Ursinus

Upon graduating, I plan on continuing my education in business by pursuing an MBA in my degree. My dream job would be to own my own company.

Fun Fact

I have received the wrestlers in business wrestler of the year scholarship for the 2022-2023 year.