Belle Wilson, class of 2026
Belle Wilson, class of 2026

Belle Wilson


Environmental Studies


Food Fellow


I am interested in being a Sustainability Fellow in order to learn the foundations of how to modify habits of production, consumption, building, reuse, etc. in order to aid the reduction of our carbon footprint. I also hope to spread the movement of living a more sustainable life to others, in addition to being connected both physically and mentally to our natural environment in order to improve our society and the planet’s welfare as a whole.

Most Memorable Moment in Class

A memorable moment I have from class is visiting a LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) certified home for my environmental studies class. A Leed certified home is a house determined best in building strategies which avoid toxic chemicals, reduce material waste, and lower energy and water use. Every building material source was put to use almost in its entirety and creative technology was used to provide heating, cooling, water, etc. This visit opened my eyes to new ways of living which make sustainability easy from day to day. The house had a very raw yet comforting energy to it and reminded me to be mindful of every resource we access, in order to safeguard our future