Emma Jones, class of 2025
Emma Jones, class of 2025

Emma Jones


Economics and International Relations


Energy Fellow


I’m glad to be a Sustainability Fellow because I think it is important to take personal action to improve the environment while also increasing awareness to others. As an energy fellow, I hope to learn more about Ursinus’s impact on the environment while also encouraging others to act sustainably

Life After Ursinus

After my time at Ursinus, I would like to use my knowledge from this fellowship, as well as what I’ve learned from my majors, to work on improving international financial stability in tandem with improving environmental sustainability. Through research and travel, I hope to learn about the correlation between recent financial priority and its impact on the environment. I believe the government should focus more on understanding and improving the balance between economy and the environment. And so, using what I’ve learned from Ursinus, I’d like to go to grad school and eventually work with a team on making changes and increasing awareness on this topic.