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Installation view of 2024 exhibition Adriane Colburn: Paths of Extraction.
Installation view of 2024 exhibition Adriane Colburn: Paths of Extraction.

Adriane Colburn

Adriane Colburn’s Paths of Extraction mines and maps Pennsylvania’s landscapes for environmental, cultural, historical, and economic connotations, assessing the point at which nature becomes a resource. Colburn researches and investigates extractive industries of wood, stone, and oil, their local and global applications and export routes, and related impacts on the physical and social landscapes. The intervention of the human hand is crucial to these infrastructures, as it is in Colburn’s process, which unites the tactile and the technological. Her data visualization techniques—evident in her manipulation of wood, paper, metal, and digital imagery—layer and collapse aerial, surface, and subterranean strata, contributing to perceptual and conceptual depth. Visitors are invited to think beyond the artist’s role in this conversation and reflect on their own relationships with earth and industry alike. 

Ursinus students Caroline Tilson ’24 and Caroline Yuratich ’26 served as Colburn’s research and studio assistants for the duration of the project, and Allie Fiore ’24 assisted with the installation.

Paths of Extraction (Senderos de extracción), de Adriane Colburn, explora y cartografía los paisajes de Pensilvania en busca de connotaciones medioambientales, culturales, históricas y económicas, y evalúa el punto en el que la naturaleza se convierte en recurso. Colburn investiga las industrias extractivas de la madera, la piedra y el petróleo, sus aplicaciones locales y globales y las rutas de exportación, y sus repercusiones en el paisaje físico y social. La intervención humana es fundamental en estas infraestructuras, como lo es en el proceso de Colburn, que combina aspectos táctiles con tecnológicos. Sus técnicas de visualización de datos—visibles en su manipulación de la madera, el papel, el metal y las imágenes digitales—superponen y pliegan estratos aéreos, superficiales y subterráneos, y así contribuyen a la profundidad perceptiva y conceptual. Se invita al público a pensar más allá del papel del artista en esta conversación y a reflexionar sobre sus propias relaciones con la tierra y la industria.

Caroline Tilson y Caroline Yuratich, estudiantes de Ursinus, fueron las ayudantes de investigación y estudio de Colburn durante el proyecto, y Allie Fiore colaboró en la instalación.




About the artist

Adriane Colburn is an artist based in San Francisco and New Jersey. Her recent work, large-scale installations that investigate the complex relationships between human infrastructure, earth systems, technology, and the natural world. A penchant for research and direct experience has led her to participate in scientific expeditions in the Arctic, the Amazon, and at sea.

Short Description

Colburn investigates the environmental and economic impacts of local extractive industries: why these raw materials travel through our local area, where they end up, and how traces of them filter into our atmosphere, communities, and bodies.

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