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Carlota Elejabeitia Corral
Carlota Elejabeitia Corral

Carlota Elejabeitia Corral

¡Hola a todos! My name is Carlota and I am from Madrid, the capital of Spain. I am the Spanish TA this year.

My passion for language teaching comes from my very own experience learning English. After living and studying a year abroad in Ireland, I decided I wanted to delve deeper and learn more about the English language and culture. Studying my bachelor’s degree in English Studies has made me want to get to know first-hand the countries I have studied in my career. Living in Europe, I feel I have a greater knowledge of Ireland and the United Kingdom; however, the United States was the great unknown and certainly one of the places I was most looking forward to learning about as I had never been here.

Additionally, I have two master’s degrees that have nurtured my curiosity for languages, their cultures and their teaching. The first master’s degree I did was about teaching English as a foreign language which, together with the extracurricular internships I did, allowed me to acquire a great multidisciplinary knowledge about language teaching. The second master’s degree I took dealt with English linguistics and international communication. Without a doubt, this master’s degree has given me an extremely broad vision of the cultural dimensions that can be found within each country and the role that a language plays in it.

All my studies and the experiences I have had in relation to them have paved my way to this point. I am sure that all the knowledge I have acquired along these years will be of great help to me in the development of my work as a teacher and as a foreigner in this experience. Being here at Ursinus makes me especially thrilled for several reasons. First of all, to be able to be immersed in the American culture in a university environment. And secondly, to be able to transmit my culture and teach my language while learning about American culture and improving my English.


Spanish Foreign Language Teaching Assistant