Theater and Dance

Kaya Eller
Kaya Eller

Kaya Eller

Why did you choose to major in Theater at Ursinus College?
Because theater has a very special place in my heart. It is something that has always fascinated me at a young age and still does. Seeing how many people love it to makes me love it even more. I love being to play different characters and being able to play someone that is entirely different from who I actually am as a person.




Education, GWSS


Traditions Ursa Major for STAT (Student Today Alumni Tomorrow), Treasurer for KDK, Gold Ambassador, and Cast in Breakaway Student Productions’ Rocky Horror Picture Show


I am 20 years old; I have been doing theater since I was in fourth grade and singing since I was 3 years old. Grades are very important to me, but I still like to have fun. My family and friends are very important to me, they mean the world to me.

My Experience

Pride and Prejudice: Assistant Stage Manager

Rocky Horror Picture Show: Stage Manager

One Acts: Charlie Bingley

Winds Concert: Sang Opera and a duet

Two Gentlemen of Verona: Lucetta

One Acts: Cleopatra

Rocky Horror Picture Show: Ensemble and The Lips

Life After Ursinus

Move in with my boyfriend somewhere close enough for me to take a bus or a train to New York for auditions. My dream is to make it on Broadway and then dabble in movies and TV shows.

Fun Fact

I have a metabolic disorder that sometimes limits my ability to perform well but I still am able to perform when I need to, it’s just a little weird at times.