Teague McCormack
Teague McCormack

Teague McCormack


Environmental Studies and Biology


Agroecology Fellow


I came into college knowing I wanted to do something with the environment for a career but didn’t have too much direction from there. I wanted to use my college experience to do lots of work in different disciplines involved with environmental studies. Sustainability fellows is perfect for just that. The various positions reside on different sides of the environmental studies spectrum and have allowed me to explore agroecology which has been an awesome experience

Life After Ursinus

My plans for after Ursinus right now are not very specific. I know I want to do something with environmental studies and so far have explored agroecology. It was an awesome experience and is definitely something I could see myself doing for a career, but with that being said I want to use the rest of my time in college to explore various disciplines within environmental studies. The plan is to pick my favorite and make a career out of it