African American and Africana Studies

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Epiphany Summers


Psychology & Sociology


African American & Africana Studies


Studying abroad in London, UK was one of the most amazing things I did as a student at Ursinus. I never thought I would have the opportunity to do such a things but Ursinus made that disbelief an opportunity for me. While abroad in London I studied psychology and sociology while also maintaining an internship. I interned for a non-profit in Brixton, London called the Baytree Centre. As a woman who plans to start my own non-profit organization someday, this was an eye opening opportunity for me at the Baytree Centre.

What was valuable about my experience

in London was being exposed to a different culture and becoming a part of it. I find learning about different cultures and people enriching because it helps me to learn more about others and what they need, in addition to helping me learn more about myself.