Theater and Dance

Izabella Entrekin
Izabella Entrekin

Izabella Entrekin

Why Ursinus Dance?

I decided to major in Dance at Ursinus because I knew it would allow me to continue my dance career on a more professional level while simultaneously benefiting from the nurturing, inclusive environment Ursinus’ Dance and Theatre Department has.


English and Dance


Creative Writing


Escape Velocity Dance Student Company


I’ve always been in love with art. Growing up, I enjoyed painting and drawing and writing. Upon discovering dance, I was quickly enthralled with the way that it allowed me to express myself, and turn human movement into yet another, beautiful form of art. Since then, I have been captivated by both learning and teaching choreography, as well as further developing my technical skills.

My Experience

UCDC productions: Joy Resides Here, Exquisite Bouquet, and upcoming Motion, Timbre & Rhythm

Life After Ursinus

After Ursinus, I hope to both dance professionally with a company and teach.