Theater and Dance

Elliot Cetinski
Elliot Cetinski

Elliot Cetinski

Why Ursinus Theater?

I have had a love for theater ever since I started doing it in high school. I knew I wanted to have a broader education experience, but I wanted to look at theater through an analytical “liberal-arts” lens. How can theater help our world? How can I effect people by performing and involving myself in theater?


Theater & Anthropology and Sociology




President of Breakaway Student Productions, the student theater group on campus. President of Alpha Delta Phi Society, a gender-neutral national Greek literary society!


I am a passionate actor and Stage manager when it comes to theater, and outside of theater I love to play DND (Dungeons and Dragons). It’s basically one big improv/roleplay game that allows me to stretch my acting abilities with friends and explore a large range of complex emotional topics. It’s also just fun! I have a cat, Mia, who has been on campus with me since freshman year. I am also very passionate about keeping Breakaway involved on campus and with the department. When we put shows on as students I’m always so exceedingly proud of the creative work students can do.

My Experience

I have acted in multiple shows with the department (Victims of Duty, Execution of Justice, Pride and Prejudice, Company of Wolves) and I have also Stage Managed theater shows and dance concerts (UCDC Fall 2022, And Baby Makes Seven, The Oldest Profession, Working!, UCDC Fall 2023).

Life After Ursinus

I don’t plan to go to grad school. I feel extremely confident in knowing where I want to go with my life, so now I’m ready to get involved in professional theater the best I can. I hope to both act and work tech in shows, and generally make a living doing what I love (although that’s becoming harder and harder).