Student Financial Services

Brandon Smith

Collegeville, PA, Drexel University studying Material Science and Engineering


What experiences were you able to gain because of the Abele Scholars Program?

I was able to gain experience in formal etiquette training, networking, professional job development, financial planning skills, and mental health resources.

Favorite part of the Abele Scholars Program?

The best part of the program was arguably the people in the program with me, and all the resources available for us.

What do you want to tell Seniors applying right now?

Remind yourself to stay grounded in the college search. It can get very hectic and chaotic, so remind yourself what it is that you are looking for and what’s important to you.




Applied Physics


At Ursinus I was part of the Admissions Department, Society of Physics, honors research, was a Writing Fellow, and took photos of athletics.

Favorite Ursinus Memory

The people. Everyone here does a little of everything.

Piece of Advice

Ask for help and take advantage of resources because it is quite useful and not something shameful!