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Kevyn Dewees CWS Profile Photo
Kevyn Dewees CWS Profile Photo

Kevyn Dewees

Huntingdon Valley, PA, George Washington University working towards a Masters in Speech-Language Pathology at the


What experiences were you able to gain because of the Abele Scholars Program?

I likely would not have taken the required classes had I not been a part of the program. I am grateful that I did because they taught me valuable information about how this country operates (currently and historically) and allowed me to be a more engaged citizen. I also gained leadership and mentorship experience by filling that role for younger scholars in the program.

Why did you want to be an Abele Scholar?

I wanted to be an Abele Scholar because I knew the financial support would make my college experience much more accessible and stress-free on the financial front. I also wanted to be a scholar because I knew it would give me support that I could rely on and a community that I could be a part of throughout my four years at UC and beyond.

What is the biggest thing you wish you knew before coming to college?

College will bring you experiences that you never even imagined, so say yes when opportunities present themselves to you. They will also be a first step in a beautiful path or a learning experience. College also is not just about classroom learning, so nurture your social life and enjoy the limited time that you have in such a unique environment!








While at UC I was involved in STAT, Escape Velocity, Melrose Fellows, Writing Fellow, on-campus Research, String Ensemble, Girls on the Run (off-campus volunteer position)

Favorite Ursinus Memory

I loved the service trips I was able to take through Ursinus, two spring breaks to South Carolina to work with Habitat for Humanity with other Ursinus students, and one trip as a Melrose Fellow to Puerto Rico to do hurricane relief work with SBP. All of these trips were incredible learning experiences and allowed me to connect with other Ursinus students on a deep level.

Piece of Advice

Be yourself and put your best foot forward in the application (and interview). The foundation just wants to get to know you! The application cycle can be a stressful time, so take a deep breath and acknowledge the hard work you have done to get to that point.