Student Financial Services

Samantha Knepper

Weatherly, PA, I am employed by Thermo Fisher Scientific and am a complementary worker at the Upper Providence GSK location


What experiences were you able to gain because of the Abele Scholars Program?

Leadership experience as serving as a student worker for the program. Confidence in myself because I had a support system who would back me.

Favorite part of the Abele Scholars Program

The support system it provided for me during my college career and even now. Being part of cohort one I saw many different leadership styles with different directors and I took bits and pieces in my leadership style. I think having Shawn as my director during my senior year was also extremely beneficial because he was honest and went through life at Ursinus and helped me to navigate difficult times.

What do you want to tell Seniors applying right now?

This is going to be one of the most important decisions and things you do before you start college and it’s going to be daunting, but you are qualified and deserving of this. There is a lot of work that has led up to this moment, and there will be a lot that goes into this moment but it will all be worth it at the end. Do not throw away this opportunity. Make the most of it








Im employed by Thermo Fisher Scientific and conduct research at GSK part of their early-phase toxicology group. In the summer I play softball in a work league. While not working I love spending time with my boyfriend and family. You can find me cooking/baking new recipes, reading a good book, or watching the Phillies/Eagles.

Impact of Ursinus

The friends and connections I made. I love that when I come back “home” to Ursinus I still feel love and feel welcomed. If I run into someone who went to Ursinus whether recently or long ago they still greet you like an old friend.

Piece of Advice

That failure is not the end of the world and that I am capable of this. Coming from a school where I got all A’s and school was easy for me had a real adjustment when I came to college and it was hard to accept.