Student Financial Services

Sharon Gearhart

Hanover, PA, Majors: Psychology & Studio Art, Minor: Theater


What experiences were you able to gain because of the Abele Scholars Program?

Through Abele Scholars, I have been able to sit and consider how I want to pay it forward in the world, having examples of my life from Mr. and Mrs. Abele. This program has also provided numerous opportunities where I have had the chance to learn more about how to contribute to society consistently, through my passions and interests.

Why did you want to be an Abele Scholar?

As soon as I heard of this program, I knew that this is what could help make a valuable undergraduate education possible for me. While, of course, the scholarship itself is why I am a college student today, I mainly speak of the heart behind Abele Scholars. The immense care that is put into each student of this program is beyond words, and I felt this as soon as I walked in for my interview.

What do you want to tell Seniors applying right now?

I know college may seem like 4 years of your life that are meant to get you a well-paying job; I used to think the same thing. But after being here for just a year and a half, Ursinus has become so much more than that. Coming here, allow yourself to take in change, because it will happen. Change in your values, interests, and beliefs. Programs and connections, like Abele Scholars, will teach you so much more about yourself than reading a textbook ever could.


I work part-time at LOFT, Scholar in Service, member of Students Today Alumni Tomorrow, member of Delta Pi Sigma, trumpet player in Ursinus Jazz Ensemble, actor in Breakaway Productions, student artist on campus