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Layla Halterman
Layla Halterman

Layla Halterman



Media and Communications


Layla M. Halterman is a seasoned storyteller and a staunch advocate known for her confident, ambitious nature.

Layla spent the majority of her college years garnering extensive experience in the editorial world. In 2020, she began building her successful track record as a writer, profiling notable alumni and various mental health initiatives. After earning her keep, Laylasegued into the role of Editor-in-Chief of The Grizzly in 2021 and spearheaded the publication until May of 2023.She previously honed her media skills at the local and national levels too, interning at accredited agencies like the Westfield Police Department and Fortune 500 companies like TikTok. Currently, she is the Communications Coordinator for a religious organization.

A Jersey native and proud graduate of Ursinus College, she currently resides in Westfield, NJ. When not doing what she loves, Layla can be found at the gym, trying new restaurants, spending time with family/friends, and volunteering at local law enforcement organizations.

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