Caption of Liv Morrow
Caption of Liv Morrow

Liv M.




Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies

My Experience

Primary Service Sites/Social Justice Passions

The Phoenixville Clinic, Park House elderly home, and Write Away Digital Literacy Program/I am passionate about access to education for all kids and just people in general

What Scholars in Service Means to Me

I have been involved in community service all my life, and was looking to continue this chose Scholars so that I could be a part of group of like minded individuals. I have met so many incredible people in this program that continuously honor our commitment to service and advocacy. Scholars in Service has become a major cornerstone of my time at Ursinus and something that will continue to have a lasting impact on my life.

Memorable Moment in Scholars in Service

In volunteering for the Write Away Digital Literacy Program, we are each paired with a student or two to mentor through different writing tasks. I worked with one particularly bubbly student who recently reached out to me asking for help on an application for a rigorous high school study abroad program. It is extremely fulfilling to see this student feel empowered to apply for this program and also to have her reach out for help. Seeing the long lasting impacts a program like Write Away can have makes it all worth it.

Advice for Prospective Ursinus Service Leaders

Take it all in! You are going to meet so many amazing people who are striving towards similar goals to your own.