Headshot of Dayna Milner
Headshot of Dayna Milner

Dayna Milner


Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies

My Experience

Primary Service Sites/Social Justice Passions

Frederick Living & American Red Cross

What Bonner Means to Me

I choose to be a Bonner mainly because I’m passionate about community service. But not only community service, I really wanted to work closely with building connections and relationships with those who are also passionate about education and activism.

Memorable Moment in Bonner

Watching last years cohort do their CoSa presntations because I liked seeing how almost all of them went into a field that they talked about in their presentations that came from their time throughout Bonner

Advice for Prospective Ursinus Service Leaders

Don’t forget that service is for doing for others. Don’t forget to make connections and do for others and let the reward in the end be your outcome.