Headshot of Cianna Chung
Headshot of Cianna Chung

Cianna C.



My Experience

Primary Service Sites/Social Justice Passions

Worthwhile Thrift and Cradles to Crayons

What Bonner Means to Me

I decided I wanted to join Bonner after the freshman orientation day of service. A Bonner leader had told me about the program, and I was very interested in the community that the program had built both on and off campus. The common core commitments were also something that I wanted to explore, especially to remind myself of why I do service.

Memorable Moment in Bonner

Packaging food at the Share Food program stood out to me because it demonstrated just how powerful it is to have a group of people work together to achieve the same goal. Individually, it would have been difficult to sort and pack all the food items, yet the assembly line process and overall teamwork could accomplish so much within just a few hours.

Advice for Prospective Ursinus Service Leaders

A piece of advice is that you are not alone! It can be difficult to balance school, extracurriculars, and personal life, and dedicating this much time can be overwhelming. So, it is always important to remind yourself that you will never be doing this on your own.