Headshot of Connor
Headshot of Connor

Connor R.


Political Science, Economics

My Experience

Primary Service Sites/Social Justice Passions

Integrate for Good and Dogs Gone Good

What Scholars in Service Means to Me

At first, I chose to be a scholar because of the opportunities to do service work in the local community while also getting scholarship money. However, in my time actually being a scholar in service member, there was another aspect that resonated with me. That aspect was the actual people that I not only do service with, but also the people the service is aimed for. Just in the short 6 months I’ve been apart of this program, my perception on many issues and ideas has changed so dramatically (for the better) and it’s all because of the thoughtful people who I’ve met along my service journey.

Memorable Moment in Scholars in Service

For Integrate for Good, I had the chance to participate in an Empowerment Lab that aims at promoting individuals with various abilities in getting jobs. Before going to this lab, I had no real education, nor experience with people with different abilities and came out knowing so much more information on the importance on programs like the Empowerment lab. Most particularly, one boy I met (his name was Elijah) personified what exactly the program works towards. He is a craftmaster at heart and can do various skillful projects with his hands. His skills could be so important in multiple fields and with the help of Integrate for Good, he hopefully will have more opportunities to showcase those skills.  

Advice for Prospective Ursinus Service Leaders

Don’t fret on the details too much in deciding whether to join or if you’ll fit in. I had many of those same worries coming in, but with the members in both Bonners and Scholars make it so easy to be able to just be yourself and give everyone the opportunity to be involved.