Headshot of Katy D.
Headshot of Katy D.

Katy D.


Biology and Neuroscience

My Experience

Primary Service Sites/Social Justice Passions

Women’s Center of Montgomery County, Cradles to Crayons

What Scholars in Service Means to Me

I had always done service growing up and this was something I knew I wanted to continue while at college. I feel like it is really important to leave the world a better place than it was found, so I was eager to get involved in service on campus. I also had an older brother who was in the Bonner Leaders Program, and he encouraged me to apply for one of the volunteering programs!

Memorable Moment in Scholars in Service

I frequently go to Cradles to Crayons, and it is usually a smaller group of us who go and it always a blast! It’s also a tradition that we go to Taco Bell after every session for ‘Taco Tuesday’! Cradles to Crayons is something I look forward to every week for both the service aspect, but also getting to have fun bonding time with other Bonners and Scholars!

Advice for Prospective Ursinus Service Leaders

The hours might seem a little daunting, but it is very manageable even with a busy coursework and other activities! If you can plan out a chunk of time every week, even if it’s all on one day, you can easily knock out your hours!