Carly Henning
Carly Henning

Carly Henning

Rutgers Law School


Politics with Legal Studies & Psychology minors


Why did you choose this law school?
I chose Rutgers not only because I was offered a generous scholarship, but because Rutgers provides its law students with several opportunities to prepare them for careers in public service. The pro-bono and clinical programs offered at Rutgers are designed to instill an ethic of service in students and allow them to use their newly developed legal abilities to give back to the local community. Rutgers’ focus on public interest and social justice is a major factor that influenced my decision, as I am particularly interested in civil rights/public interest law. Rutgers is also in an incredible location – I will have access to both PA and NY, and will be a 5 minute walk from a NJ courthouse. Rutgers also has a well-established alumni network, and graduates that I know only have positive things to say about the educational and employment opportunities that Rutgers provides.

Where else were you accepted?
Temple & Drexel

What are your future plans (in law school and beyond)?
I would like to pursue a career in public interest, but I am not sure exactly what that would look like yet - terms of where or what specifically. However, I do know that I would like to be heavily involved at Rutgers and take advantage of all of the opportunities their law school has to offer.

Impact of Ursinus

How has Ursinus prepared you for law school?
Ursinus has prepared me for law school by enriching my academic abilities like writing and public speaking, but also by encouraging me to consider the existential questions of “what should matter to me?” and “what will I do?” which have made my academic pursuits more pragmatic and purposeful.

What was your most memorable moment in class (or otherwise)?
My most memorable moment at Ursinus was successfully defending my honors thesis at CoSA. Being able to share the research I had been working on all year felt extremely rewarding, and winning the Professor Eugene H. Miller prize for my honors thesis was just the cherry on top!

How did you stay involved on campus?
I was a member of several activities/programs. I was President of the Pre-Law Society, Vice President of Psi Chi, a Senior Fellow for admissions, a first-year student advisor, a member of the women’s soccer team, a part of Emerging Leaders Academy and the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, and in my senior year, pursued honors research. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities Ursinus provided me with to become involved in the campus community.

What other interesting thing can you tell us about yourself?
I live just about twenty minutes from Rutgers Camden, so I plan on living at home and commuting to law school! I’m very excited to be living at home again and to spend more time with my family.