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Photo of LeeLee Sanders
Photo of LeeLee Sanders

LeeLee Sanders


Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Neuroscience


I plan on attending medical school and entering the medical field in the oncology department.


I am a research student in Dr. Wilner’s biochemistry lab. Our focus is on the use of ionizable amphipathic Janus dendrimers to create dendrimersome nanoparticle vesicles for drug transportation. By using dynamic light scattering we have been able to track the effects that buffer pH, type of IAJD, and presence of RNA have on the vesicle size. In the future, we plan to use these DNPs to deliver therapeutic cargo to certain targeted areas. We plan to prove this concept on a smaller level by performing a two-step transfection where we will transfect cells with GFP and then our DNPs to knock down the GFP. This lab works to bridge techniques and concepts from chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, and biology together in ways that can help advance the biomedical industry.

Academic Connection

One aspect of the Parlee Center that I am very passionate about is obtaining a deeper understanding of how the medical field is impacting our world for better or for worse. The Parlee Center creates a community of dedicated students who are willing to work to make a difference, and I am excited to be surrounded by people who are willing to not only fight for a better future but also push each other to be better. I am very passionate about the barriers to medical care and the diagnosis process within the health care system. I am dedicated to making healthcare more accessible for everyone as well as changing the perspective of how patients should be treated.