Izayah Carlton '26
Izayah Carlton ’26

Izayah Carlton

Ursinus has offered both a community of people I can feel at home with and an educational experience I feel like I deserve.

What led to your decision to transfer? 

I previously went to a community college that was close to my home. It was small, I commuted and there was really nobody my age there. It had felt like my social life had effectively ended. On top of that, the classes were not engaging, and I felt as if I was wasting my time. Transferring and coming to Ursinus fixed both of those problems for me. Ursinus has offered both a community of people I can feel at home with and an educational experience I feel like I deserve. Here I have met my closest friends and the classes I am taking really make me feel like I am learning things that I can take with me for the future.

How do you find that Ursinus College supports students of high academic achievement?

Ursinus supported me specifically through scholarships, if it were not for my high academic achievement, I would not have been able to attend. On top of that, the college does recognize your academic achievement through job opportunities as a tutor, or a writing fellow.

Outside of the classroom, what are some activities that you pursued at Ursinus?

Outside of the classroom, I have found myself on an intramural volleyball and rugby team. Also I am the quartermaster at the new Dungeons and Dragons club.

What were the challenges of adapting to a new college environment, and how have you met them?

I had to adapt to being away from home for the first time and to having a much more challenging academic experience. It definitely influenced my early performance at college. Through the help of my transfer adviser Professor McCarthy I was able to get ahold of my bearings and get on top of my work and wrap my head around my new environment.

What has surprised you most about your experience as a student at Ursinus?

The thing that surprised me the most about my Ursinus experience was the food. All of the colleges I see my friends going to definitely are not known for having good food. Knowing this did not give me high expectations for anything Ursinus had to offer, but after living on campus and eating a both upper and lower Wismer for a year, I have been pleasantly surprised.

Why would you encourage another student to transfer to Ursinus?

I would encourage another student to transfer to Ursinus, because the school does such an amazing job of transitioning you from where you were to where you are now. In only about a month, I felt as if I got the hang of this whole college thing. When I was just starting, I feared I would be floundering until at least senior year, but there are so many resources and people that just want to see you succeed and will stop at nothing to see that. 


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