Ava Possenti
Ava Possenti

Ava Possenti

I experienced life at two other universities, and I can confidently say that Ursinus is exceptional.

What led to your decision to transfer to Ursinus?
I initially attended a university in South Carolina but transferred to Cabrini
University to continue playing basketball. When Cabrini announced it would be
closing, I decided to transfer again, searching for a
place that felt like home. Ursinus immediately stood out to me for its welcoming
community and strong academic programs.

How was the transition to Ursinus?
The transition from Cabrini to Ursinus couldn’t have gone any smoother. The
kindness and helpfulness of everyone at Ursinus made all the difference. I truly
felt like part of the community during the first week, thanks to the support and
warm welcome from both the faculty and my peers. Joining the basketball team
also provided me with an instant group of friends and a sense of belonging.

What’s your favorite thing about Ursinus?
My favorite thing about Ursinus is the constant energy and events on campus.
There’s always something going on, whether it’s intramural sports, student
organization events, or social gatherings. This campus life has made my
experience incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling.

What were the challenges of adapting to a new college environment, and
how have you met them?
Honestly, I haven’t faced many challenges adapting to Ursinus. Being part of the
basketball team helped immensely, as it provided me with an instant support
network. The overall friendliness and supportiveness of the Ursinus community
made the transition seamless.

What has surprised you most about your experience as a student at
What has surprised me most is the incredible level of community support and
involvement. Everyone at Ursinus is genuinely invested in each other’s success
and well-being, creating a close-knit and encouraging environment.

Would you encourage another student to transfer to Ursinus?
I experienced life at two other universities, and I can confidently say that
Ursinus is exceptional. The sense of community, the vibrant campus life, and the
personalized attention from faculty make it a wonderful place to study and grow. I
would encourage any student to transfer to Ursinus if they are looking for a place
that truly feels like home.


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