Caroline Tilson
Caroline Tilson

Caroline Tilson

Ursinus offered me an opportunity to take a new approach to history work, one that was more discussion-based and synthesis-focused rather than lecture-based and summary-focused.

What led to your decision to transfer?
I went to a two-year community college and achieved an associate degree in history. I decided that I wanted to continue my education and aim for a bachelor’s degree. Ursinus offered me an opportunity to take a new approach to history work, one that was more discussion-based and synthesis-focused rather than lecture-based and summary-focused. The library archives Ursinusiana offered even further opportunities to expand my historical knowledge.

Outside of my major’s focus, Ursinus offered even more exciting chances to explore my interest in museums. The Berman Art Museum is an incredible resource for students to experience and even work with art galleries and artists, along with the Museum Studies minor.

How do you find that Ursinus College supports students of high academic achievement?
Ursinus College offers a lot of challenging courses that push students in their research and writing skills. I used the Creative Writing Center a lot in my first semester, so that I could get feedback on my work as it took shape. The history tutors helped me target in my research where I was otherwise aimless when I started work for my history classes. Working with the student tutors helped me understand what Ursinus expected for academics.

Outside of the classroom, what are some activities or opportunities that you pursued at Ursinus?
I joined the gender-inclusive fraternity Pi Omega Delta and made some incredible friendships while engaging with community service and became president of the organization. I joined the Transfer Mentor program to encourage first-semester transfer students in their transition to Ursinus. I work at the Berman Art Museum, where I give tours and work in the collections archive. I served as a research and installation assistant for an annual artist-in-residence installation, Paths of Extraction by Adriane Colburn.

Please share about any opportunities for hands-on experiences or internships. What did you do and what did you learn?
My first semester on campus, I approached the Study Abroad office to learn about summer abroad opportunities. I quickly learned how vast the opportunities to travel were, and decided on a summer internship program in Dublin, Ireland. I worked at the famous St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the city’s oldest public library Marsh’s Library as a visitor services intern. Working with international tourists and local guides to help navigate both places made it clear for me that history and contemporary tourism blend together in fascinating ways. It encouraged my curiosity to look at my historical backyard differently and approach curious people with the same open-mindedness I needed at Ursinus College.

What were the challenges of adapting to a new college environment, and how have you met them?
Adapting to a new college environment was intimidating. I didn’t know anyone on campus before I put in my deposit, so I had no idea how I’d find friends or what my classmates might be like. Coming into UC mid-academic year in the Spring Semester was even more nerve-wracking, as I needed to introduce myself new to my classmates and teachers while everyone had found their footing in the fall semester. Meeting everyone that semester required a lot of openness from me to reach out and start conversations. By fall semester, I felt much more comfortable and confident in walking campus and recognizing more and more faces. People here made me feel like I’d always been a part of the Ursinus community.

What has surprised you most about your experience as a student at Ursinus?
I was most surprised by the work to engage students outside of class and clubs. Student engagement’s work to set up free events like the Bear Fair and the frequency of theatre and musical performances on campus gave me more occasion to explore a campus I thought was small. I realized there’s always more and more to do.

Would you encourage another student to transfer to Ursinus?
Ursinus has so much to offer students academically, and that has really set me up for success in my future interests. The UC community embraces new people so readily that it’s as if you always were here with the bears.




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