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Linden James Hicks

I knew I wanted to be an English major because my parents instilled within me a deep appreciation of literature. Whether it was my mom handing me books like Guns, Germs, and Steel or The Kite Runner, or my dad sharing his collection of science fiction, I’ve used literature to connect with others and learn about the world.


One of my favorite classes was ENGL 104W, Punk Fiction, my first semester in College. We read a wide variety of novels that dealt with many of the same ideas that CIE dealt with. I definitely got a lot more out of both classes since I took them together first semester at Ursinus.


I was homeschooled or self-taught the entire way through to college.


I hope to do research this summer dealing with the modernization of literature and media, as well as African American Literature of the 1960’s and 70’s. I’ve taken classes on both topics, and think they would meld rather interestingly.


After college, there is a Program for teaching English in Japan (JET program) that I may try to get into.  I would like to end up working in PR or Publishing; Or PR managing for a Publishing company. Being a published author, or getting my doctorate would be wonderful, but only time will tell.

Class Year



Woodburn, Indiana




Japanese, Creative Writing, East Asian Studies


I am the PR Manager of the Ursinus College GSA, Treasurer of the Magic: The Gathering Club, and I frequent many other clubs and groups.