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Tamas Budner

CIE allowed me to read texts that were very interesting, and I probably would never have been exposed to them if I hadn’t taken the class.


My “Aha” Moment

My professor for CIE II changed how I thought about certain issues. His description of how humans fit into the bigger taxonomic category of life influenced my view of what it means to be human. He reminded me that humans are a part of nature and not somehow separate from it and that the lines between species are often blurrier than we’d like to think.

Class Year



Perkiomenville, Pa.


How did CIE help you form personal connections on campus?

A student could take the same course as someone, never interact with that person in class, and not ever remember of speak to their fellow student ever again. In CIE, probably because our group stuck together for a whole year, everyone got to know each other fairly well. I am more likely to be friendly with someone in my CIE section than simply another class.

What do you think prospective students should know about CIE?

Individual students choose their own level of involvement. If a student wants to know more about a particular topic, wants to become more well-read, or challenge your current beliefs, it is up to him or her to do so.