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Michael Giongo


A Summer Fellows research project observing simulations of Rydberg atoms generated by a supercomputer was an extraordinary experience for a Math and Physics major.

Class Year



Spring City, PA


Math, Physics


I researched the dipole-dipole energy exchange between Rydberg atoms with my mentor Thomas Carroll and fellow students Tyler Helms, Erin Bennett, and Tamas Budner. We utilized simulations to model. We observed simulations of groups of Rydberg atoms generated by a supercomputer and utilized these observations to propose methods for controlling these interactions.

My Experience

The experience helped develop my analytical skills mathematically and scientifically and enhanced my understanding of the interactions between natural entities that form the foundation of the subject of physics. I was thoroughly challenged to be a more progressive and creative thinker and rely on diverse methods for solving problems, and I will translate this improved attention to detail to my academics and future career in analytics and/engineering

..and the Coolest Part

The coolest part of the experience was the supercomputer, which I worked with extensively, as I was responsible for modifying the program required to run the simulations. I was utterly amazed by how the supercomputer was able to process substantial data and then organize this data in such a precise manner. It reopened my mind to the full extent of the capabilities of technology.