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Will Chang

Class Year



Doylestown, Pennsylvania


Philosophy and biology (double major)


I volunteer at Abington Lansdale hospital and do research with Dr. Bailey in the biology department


Why Philosophy

I wanted to major in philosophy because my favorite past-time was thinking. I decided to major in philosophy because I enjoyed CIE.

Most Memorable Moment in Class

The first day of class in Meaning of Life with Dr. Goetz I asked Dr. Goetz what the meaning to life was and he refused to give me an answer, stating that he couldn’t give me an answer that would be satisfying in the short time that we had.

The homework in Logic never actually felt like homework because the program we used, Tarski’s World, felt like a puzzle game.

I remember the joy upon seeing the first check plus I received on a blog post in one of Kelly Sorensen’s classes responding to Garret Hardin’s lifeboat ethics.

Life After Ursinus

I plan to go to graduate school to further my studies in biology.