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Lily Kehoe

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Kensington, Maryland




Bonner Leader Senior Intern, Admissions Senior Fellow, Admissions Tour Guide, Phi Alpha Psi Sorority


Why philosophy

Originally, I chose philosophy because it was simply the most interesting and thought-provoking discipline I had experienced. But over my four years it’s come to mean a lot more than that to me. I major in philosophy because the concepts we attempt to tackle every class are, in my opinion, the stuff of life. In philosophy I am taught to think deeply and critically about how this world works and pushed to apply that understanding to real life issues.

Most Memorable Moment in Class

Some of my favorite moments in philosophy actually happen outside the classroom at my community service sites.  Often, when I find myself faced with a tricky decision or challenging situation, my mind will jump to some article we read or discussion we had in class. There’s nothing better (or nerdier) than pausing at the food pantry to think “what would Kant have to say about that?” When I get to use a concept from class to handle a real life ethical or moral dilemma I’m reminded of how practical my major is.

Life After Ursinus

I am still unsure what my plans are for after graduation. I potentially want to take the first year or so out of school to do a service year or even teach English abroad. I have loved my time as an Admissions Senior Fellow and Bonner Leader so I could also see myself working in admissions or for an NPO.