Career and Post-Graduate Development

Photo of Nicole Borocci
Photo of Nicole Borocci

Nicole Borocci


Media and Communication Studies and Spanish

Current Position

News Producer


6abc/Action News

Graduate School & Degree

M.A. in Communications, Marist University, 2012


As a news producer, I gather and organize the video and the reports that come in from the field. I arrive at the office several hours before viewers tune in to watch my show on TV. During that time, I am part of an editorial team that selects which stories are part of the broadcast and in what order they appear. I also write a majority of the scripts that the anchors read on the air. That way, when the talent arrives for the day, they can quickly review this morning’s new information, and make adjustments as needed.

When the show hits the air, I sit with the director of the newscast to make sure the show flows as my team had planned and to ensure that the program and its commercial breaks air in their entirety. When the credits roll, my day is done, and I do it all over the next day!

How did you get your start in the field? 

During the final semester of my senior year at Ursinus, I created what the industry calls a demo reel.  I searched job postings in several of the small markets along the east coast and applied for producer and reporter openings.  By the end of April, I had one interview at a small television station in Bluefield, West Virginia.  I accepted a position as an overnight producer and reporter.

Impact of Ursinus

The MCS department at Ursinus provided an excellent combination of technical and theoretical training in media and communications to help me transition to the professional world.  My participation in the campus television station allowed me to compile a portfolio to enhance my resume.  Many of the professors are also veteran journalists who were able to prepare me for my job interviews and my first years in the business.  Their continued guidance, even to this day, is one of the hallmarks of the Ursinus experience.

Piece of Advice

Don’t wait until your junior or senior year to get an internship.  Volunteer or work with a variety of media outlets so you establish strong connections and settle on a proper career track within the business. 

Paying It Forward

Mock Interview Volunteer with Ursinus Career Services, Women in the Workforce Panelist.