Career and Post-Graduate Development

Photo of Frank Dimeglio
Photo of Frank Dimeglio

Frank Dimeglio

Managing Director/ Financial Representative, Northwestern Mutual

How did you get your start in the field?

Though a Northwestern Mutual internship


Exercise Sport Science



Current Position

Managing Director/ Financial Representative


Northwestern Mutual


As a managing director I introduce and mentor quality financial advisors to the Savino Financial group, Northwestern Mutual. As a financial representative I work with new and existing clients helping families and individual reach financial security through risk management, wealth accumulation and wealth preservation through a comprehensive financial planning process introducing them to  the appropriate insurance, investment and saving products and services.

Impact of Ursinus

Ursinus helped me grow into the person I am today personally and professionally. Ursinus taught me how to foster deep relationships with people as well as how to think creatively and diplomatically. Without Ursinus I would have never met my wife Laura Freitag (2006). 

Piece of Advice

Create a list of 10 things you must do before graduating. Don’t wait to get around to it! Get involved in as much as you possibly can at Ursinus and in the community. Leave UC a better place then you found it!