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Henry Wilshire

I’ve been an avid reader since childhood, and I hope to be just as avid a writer one day. Besides the fact that my dream job would to be an author, studying English gives me the chance to tackle important questions with purpose, and to meet well-read, interesting people.


Currently my favorite English class is British Modernism & Media, taught by Dr. Brown. It’s intensely difficult and we grapple with some really tough texts, but as a result it’s very rewarding. I have to really stretch my mind to keep up and follow the flow of the class, and I can tell I’m getting a lot out of it as a result.


Another favorite was my Fiction Writing class with Dr. Volkmer. I got excellent feedback on my own writing (and being made to write helped me get past writer’s block), but beyond that, seeing what my classmates said about one another’s writing was fascinating. I found myself making revisions based not only on the criticism I received, but also based on what I saw was working well in my classmate’s writing. There was a surplus of genuinely excellent writing there, and my story from that class eventually won the Creager Prize and was published in The Lantern, UC’s literary magazine.


As a CIE Fellow, any prospective student, freshman, or even upperclassman should feel free to approach me with thoughts or questions about the CIE program at this school. I feel CIE, and the Liberal Arts mission of the program as a whole, are very important to the school for their role in what the late President Fong called soul-building.

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