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Codey Young

AAAS has inspired me to examine more critically what Chimamanda Adichie calls “the danger of a single story” about the African Diaspora. Much of my education throughout primary and secondary school reduced the history of people of African descent to little beyond slavery, and even that was severely limited.

My experience with AAAS at Ursinus encouraged me to seek out artists throughout the African Disapora who are using their art as a tool of resistance and empowerment. I have been fortunate to have performed and connected with Black artists young and old, from Germany to Zimbabwe and England, whose work may not yet have reached the shores of the United States, but undoubtedly deserves recognition and acclaim. Currently, I am working on a website called the Black M.A.R.S. (Male Artists Revolt in Style) Project to highlight the work of male artists of the African Diaspora.

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