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Bernadette Calderone

Stories, languages, and cultures enthrall me. I am infinitely intrigued by why we tell stories and why we write, as well by as the languages and patterns we use to do so. The differences and similarities in works of literature from different time periods and cultures are endlessly fascinating. 

My favorite English classes were British Literature, Structure of the English Language, and Literary Theory. Each class forced me out of my comfort zone, challenged me to view language and literature in new and highly enriching ways, and allowed me to enjoy literature and genres that I never thought I might like. 

During a Shakespeare course that I took my freshman year, the professor had us analyze a section of Hamlet in groups to determine whether certain lines were unnecessary and could be removed. When the groups were debating against each other, I got into a heated argument with someone from another group.  Our professor eventually had to stop us due to time constraints, but the debate was enough to prompt further conversations outside of class. She’s now my closest friend (and she still won’t admit it, but I definitely won the debate). 

This past summer, I studied in Rome for five weeks with The Paideia Institute’s Living Lan in Rome program. I had the opportunity to learn how to speak Latin, work on official Latin documents, and read Latin texts in their original contexts (such as Cicero in the Roman Forum, or Pliny on top of Mount Vesuvius). We read works from a variety of eras from the classical era to modern times (such as papal documents and Winnie the Pooh in Latin). We even visited the homes and graves of some famous English authors, such as John Keats. 

My ultimate life goal is to become a polyglot (someone who speaks many languages). I want to become fluent in Italian, French, and German within the next few years, and highly proficient in Latin and Ancient Greek. It’s a goal to be able to read original literature in all of those languages. I hope to move to Italy next year, teach English, and perfect my Italian! 

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Mountainside, New Jersey


English/ Classics (Latin/Greek)


I work at the Berman Museum of Art, Campus Safety, and tutor Latin. I belong to the Gender and Sexuality Alliance and am working on forming a classics club with other majors.