Scholarships and Fellowships

Liora Kuttler ’10

Liora Kuttler arrived at Ursinus with a passion for the arts, but she thought the practical choice would be to earn a business degree. When she met with her first-year advisor, Dr. Colette Trout, the French professor encouraged Kuttler to follow her instinct.“Dr. Trout told me I had something unique I could bring to the table,” says Kuttler, who now runs a full-time professional business, Liora K Photography, in Tucson, Arizona.

Kuttler majored in studio art with a minor in French. “I could see Liora was amazingly talented and loved to explore diverse fields,” says Trout. “I knew art would open up many doors and nourish her vision.” 

Kuttler’s vision focuses on feminism as well as body-theme issues. Recently, she made headlines when a series of her photographs were featured in media outlets around the world. The photographs were taken in response to the controversy surrounding a well-known clothing retailer. The clothing company’s CEO came under fire for his exclusionary comments about the marketing of their clothes.

Kuttler’s response photographs, titled “Attractive and Fat,” featured model and blogger Jes Baker, and parodied the clothing line’s own advertisements. The photos received widespread attention, appearing in publications and on web sites around the world. Baker even appeared on the Today Show to talk about the message she and Kuttler were trying to convey.