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Melonie Phillips

What do you think is the best feature of the Chemistry Major?

I think the best feature of the chemistry major is that professors and students in the major is close. It makes you feel like you have a another family.

I think the major is tough but very rewarding, and I have had a lot of fun in my chemistry classes.

What has been distinctive about your experience at Ursinus College?

I think the closeness between professors and students is very distinct aspect of my experience.

How prepared were you for your Independent Learning Experience?

I felt prepared for my ILE because of my biochemistry background. My ILE strengthened by communication skills and organization, which I will definitely take with me through life.

Class Year



Blackwood, NJ


Chemistry and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology




  • Biology researcher
  • President of Beta Beta Beta
  • ASBMB member
  • Beardwood Chemical Society member
  • PASS tutor
  • Hospice volunteer
  • Internship at GlaxoSmithKline