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Travis Maider

What is the best feature of the Chemistry Major?

The faculty and staff are the most supportive and dedicated on campus. I would not trade them for any other department.

Were the courses up to your expectations, too easy, or too difficult?

They were difficult, but that was one of the major reasons that I became a chemistry major. It was one of the few majors that I saw as a real challenge.

What were your expectations of the Chemistry Major?

I had and still have no idea what I want to do in the future so I decided to pick a major that would really challenge me to think. Chemistry seemed like the best option and I have never thought otherwise. Chemistry has always been a struggle and that’s why I love it.

What has been distinctive about your experience at Ursinus College?

Ursinus College is distinct in two ways. It demands significantly more work from its students than other colleges, especially in the chemistry department. Second, Ursinus faculty want to be involved in students’ lives and that has made all the difference.

How has your ILE prepared you for what you are doing after college?

My research experience has taught me a great deal of independence and improvisation. My ILE experience showed me how grueling, tedious, and rewarding lab work can be. It also taught me that true science is difficult to condense into a 3 hour lab period. I feel I understand the scientific process much better now than a few years ago.

Class Year



Townsend, MA






  • UC Green Fellows
  • Director of the Organic Farm
  • Theater Productions
  • Center for Science and the Common Good (CSCG) Fellow
  • Bonner Leader


Life After Ursinus

Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal, West Africa