Items tagged with Fall 2015


  • Domenick Scudera,  Professor of Theater
    December 8
    Should the provocative graphic novel Fun Home be required reading for first-year students in The Common Intellectual Experience?
  • The team at the Berman Museum of Art works to put an exhibition together.
    December 8

    How does an exhibition happen? Curator Ginny Kollak and Collections Manager and Senior Registrar Julie Choma walk us through some of the steps.

  • Alice Leppert, assistant professor of media studies and communication, researches film and television history; stardom and...
    December 7
    In her research, Alice Leppert, Professor of Media Studies and Communication, finds that 1980s television sitcoms were ahead of their time in portraying nontraditional families.
  • Shawn Witt ’01, Senior Vice President of Programming and Executive Producer for Leftfield Entertainment
    December 7
    Shawn Witt ’01 develops reality shows such as Alone, Pawn Stars, Tiny House Nation and many others. As senior vice president of programming, he juggles projects, fields calls and learns.
  • Tom Yencho
    December 7

    Welcome to the new Ursinus Magazine. When our editorial team asked what you thought of this magazine in a spring survey, more than 800 of you responded. It was an incredible show of support and you clearly let us know what we were doing well.


  • Gallery Photo Thumbnail
    On a beautiful fall weekend in October, we inaugurated a new president and welcomed alumni back for Homecoming.