Items tagged with Summer 2016



  • Nick Scoville, Chair and Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
    June 15
    Mathematics faculty and educational researchers are increasingly recognizing the value of history in teaching math.
  • Leigh Woolston Karsch ’94
    June 15
    Leigh Woolston Karsch ’94 is a graphic and event designer who has built her expertise to the point where her business, La Petite Fleur, is listed in The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame.
  • Anthony Nadler, Assistant Professor in Media and Communication Studies
    June 15
    Is there a resurgence of populism in the 2016 election, and does the rise of social media fuel today’s populism?
  • Maria (Storino) and Ken Taylor ’84
    June 15
    Maria (Storino) and Ken Taylor, both ’84 are owners and managers of Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach. Too bad they spend the summer working!
  • President Brock Blomberg
    June 15
    As our attention turns this summer to welcoming our historic class of 2020, I want to focus a little on the “historic” aspect. The first academic year for Ursinus was 1869-70 and, 150 years later, this class has the awesome designation of entering as the 150th anniversary year class.