Packing for College Checklist

Move in Day 2022

This is our guide to “what to bring and what not to bring” to campus.

Our Residence Life Office recognizes the importance of bringing your belongings that will make your campus living environment comfortable. We put together a list of items to help you plan and prepare. 

Bringing just the essentials will allow for both a speedy move-in and move-out process. To make it easier on you — and whomever will be assisting you with moving in and out — remember these helpful suggestions/guidelines:

  • Students will be here awhile and will want to make the dorm room feel like home!
  • Remove bulky items from original boxes and pack them in plastic bins, which can be easily transported. The bins can then be stored under the bed or in a closet, used as a protective storage for other things, or sent home with your families.
  • Do not bring any additional furniture such as loft kits, shelves, futons, etc. These items are difficult to transport.
  • Residents are expected to have minimal decorations which will not damage college property in application. To decorate walls, we suggest command strips, and discourage poster tack/putty.
  • Please communicate with your roommate on shared items - i.e. tv, mini-fridge, microwave, gaming systems

Packing List

This is just a suggestion and a great place to start. 


Twin-size comforter (XL)
Twin-size X-long sheets (2 sets)
Bed pillow(s)
Extra blanket
Foam mattress topper or eggcrate topper
Bed risers (not necessary unless you want to lift bed above the tallest height of “36 under bed clearance)

Room Necessities

Microwave – 700 watts or under Refrigerator – less than 5 cubic feet 
Keurig or coffeepot with auto shutoff
Desk lamp (no LED strip lights)
Mini trash can
Storage crates
Under bed containers
Hangers / Smart Hangers
Area rug
Lysol Wipes/ Trashbags
Storage containers (for food)
Curtain/ shower curtain with tension rod for closet (most closets in doubles and singles are typically 46” wide, triples may vary)


Seasonal clothing
Comfortable walking shoes
winter boots
Flip-flops, for use in shower
Swimsuit for pool
Your favorite UC sweatshirt/gear!

Bathing/Hygiene Necessities

Hair care products
Hair dryer
Bath towels
Shower caddy
Bathing products (soap, bath gel) Bathrobe
First-aid kit
Dental care products
Hygiene products
Shaving items
Over-the-door hook

Laundry Needs

HE laundry supplies (detergent, fabric softener, etc.)
Laundry basket/hamper
Steamer (no iron!)


Phone charger/docking station
Gaming stations


UL-approved extension cord(s), 3-prong only
Surge protector/power strip(s)

Academic Items

Calendar/ Planner
Stapler and staples


Poster tack/putty, 3M™ Command™ strips Photos/pictures
Flags / Tapestry

Things to Leave at Home

✘ Pets/animals

✘ Kitchen appliances, particularly those with exposed heating units, as well as, hot plates, blenders, toasters, broilers, griddles, grills, air fryers, etc.

✘ Candles and incense of any kind

✘ Halogen lamps/bulbs

✘ Fireworks

✘ Air conditioners

✘ Space heaters

✘ Dehumidifiers

✘ Dartboards

✘ LED strip lights

✘ Weapons of any kind, including but not limited to: (hand, pellet, BB or paintball guns, knives of any kind

✘ Alcohol and empty alcohol containers (Rooms are “dry” unless all roommates are 21+.)

✘ Printers (we have free printing!)

✘ Duplicate large items not suggested - talk in advance regarding tv, mini-fridge, microwave,

✘ Pots, pans, dishwash sets

✘ iron/iron boarding - bring a steamer instead!

✘ Blenders