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A Lasting Impact

Michael T. Piotrowicz ’78, P’05, an Ursinus College alumnus, parent, and trustee who has displayed exemplary generosity to the college community and beyond for decades, will be honored this spring with the Bear2Bear Impact Award for Leadership and Service.
Mike Piotrowicz
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Four Seniors Named Watson Fellowship Finalists

The Thomas J. Watson Fellowship is a prestigious yearlong grant that allows recent graduates to explore the world abroad. This year, Ursinus’s Watson finalists, as nominated by the faculty, are Kristen Cooney ’22, Simbarashe “Simba” Kanjanda ’22, Neva McGowan ’22, and Gabrielle Pitt ’22.

Thomas J. Watson Fellowship finalists Kristen Cooney ’22, Gabrielle Pitt ’22, Simbarashe “S...

Ursinus News

Quote from Angela Davis in honor of MLK Week.

Honoring Martin Luther King Jr. with a Weeklong Celebration

Our traditional Day of Service, lightning lectures, and workshops held in conjunction with Perkiomen Valley School District marked the start of the college’s annual MLK Week, a celebration honoring the life of Martin Luther King Jr. and the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement.
Bomberger Hall

Ursinus Named 2021-22 College of Distinction

Already renowned for being included as one of the nation’s Colleges That Change Lives, Ursinus is adding another title that sets it apart from its peers: a College of Distinction.
Chief Brad KillsCrow and Assistant Chief Jeremy Johnson

Partnership with Delaware Tribe of Indians Moves Forward

Chief Brad KillsCrow and Assistant Chief Jeremy Johnson of the Delaware Tribe of Indians visited campus as part of the Welcome Home Project, a partnership that includes Ursinus College and the Perkiomen Valley School District (PVSD).
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Teaming Up to Set Math in Motion

Instructor of mathematics and statistics, Lisa Grossbauer, has a special kind of exam for her calculus class this finals season.

A former senior software analyst at Lockheed Martin, Grossbauer pulls on her industry experience to cultivate a practical learning experience for her students. In the classroom, she focusses on equipping her students with the skills needed to succeed in their future professions (and in life in general), and to have fun doing it.

The most prominent skill on her mind? Collaboration.

She recalls late nights with colleagues, ordering take out and putting their minds together to solve a problem.

She saw that same need for collaboration all throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. “It was a collaborative effort to try and put food on the table,” Grossbauer says.

Her goal with this special collaboration quiz (a Rube-Goldberg invention project) is to get students comfortable with collaborating, and to enjoy their time together.
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 The Ursinus Big List
Katie Bean

Nine Ways to Boost Your Well-Being

Katie Bean | Director of Prevention and Advocacy

Bean’s top recommendation for a life-changing activity is traditional yoga. Check the calendar to find her next session or email her for more info. In addition to yoga, here are nine other activities that have impacted Katie’s life for the better–and that she wishes she had begun when she was in college.

  1. Evaluate yourself
    Ask and be open for feedback from others. Listen to suggestions from older and/or wiser people. Take assessments to learn about yourself: EChug and EToke are available on our website and assess the ways alcohol and marijuana impact one’s life in all aspects. It’s not about comparing yourself to others; it is about comparing yourself to your previous self. How are you learning and growing and evolving? It takes a lifetime.

  2. Create a bedtime routine
    Do a few habitual things every night consistently before bed to get your brain into sleep mode. It can be changing into pajamas, brushing your teeth, drinking water/taking pills or vitamins, writing down three things you are grateful for, or turning off your phone. Recognize what your routine is now, and then commit to a consistent habit of doing the same things in the same order each night. You’ll find you fall asleep quicker and sleep better!
  3. Complete Your iGrad Profile
    Learn about your own financial personality and engage with this platform to understand student loans and other important implications of your finances through this free service. Finances are difficult to talk about, but the earlier you can create good financial habits, the better off you will be. Credit matters! How are you building your credit today? Utilize this free service as a student and watch your stress disappear.

  4. Hydrate
    Fill up your reusable water bottle before bed and put it on your nightstand to chug in the morning. Try to drink one whole bottle within one hour of waking up. Set an alarm to remind yourself to drink more water.

  5. Meditate
    Sit in stillness, and focus all your attention and awareness on one thing. The focal point can be your breath or repeating a word or phrase in your head. Practice this stillness for five minutes every day and you will see drastic life changes. There are tons of free apps for this. Plus, go to Monday Meditations in the Chapel at 5 p.m.!

  6. Build Your LinkedIn Account
    Actively update your LinkedIn profile with big projects you’ve accomplished or roles you’ve taken on as you will likely forget them over time. Build that network now to help you land a job you will be happy going to each day. Set up time with Career and Post-graduate Development to talk more about it.

  7. Express Your Gratitude in Writing
    Gratitude journaling is great. Another activity is writing one thank-you card a week. It can be via text, email, or a handwritten note. (Even a Post-It note is nice!) Thank someone for being a friend, thank a mentor for sharing wisdom, or thank the Wawa clerk for always smiling. It can be big or small, but taking two minutes to write out a thank you goes a long way for your own (and others’) happiness.

  8. Eat the Rainbow
    Track the colors and try to eat some of each color of the rainbow every day. Even starting to track this, you might surprise yourself at how bland or colorful your diet already is!
  9. Mindfulness
    Practice mindfulness intentionally a few times a day. Perhaps while walking across campus or in Wismer, you take notice of the sights, sounds, and smells. Mindfulness means to utilize all your senses and become fully aware of the present moment. This spiritual practice can enliven any moment and bring joy to the mundane.

Sycamore Stories

Championing Digital Equity

Simra Mariam ’21 has been a BIPOC feminist advocate and a professional journalist since she was a teenager. At Ursinus College, she opened the door to a new generation of marginalized writers and artists through an online publication that would become impactful and illustrious: Reclamation Magazine.
Simra Mariam ’21

Performer in Transition

Today, Abbie Painter ’23 is a rock star, theater scholarship recipient, psychologist, and non-binary luminary. Eighteen years ago, they were drumming on their dad’s workout equipment. Painter’s evolution since then, especially from 2019 when they stepped on the Ursinus stage, has been a feat of transformation.

Abbie Painter ’23

Wellness Through Yoga—On and Off the Mat

In desperate need of work/life balance at a former job, Katie Bean found healing in yoga—and is now on a mission to show students, faculty, and staff the benefits of the practice. “It’s so much bigger than tree pose.”

Katie Bean

Author of Illusion

On stage and on the page, Ursinus College Creative Writing Award recipient, Literary Society president, and longtime illusionist, Anastasia Dziekan ’22 recreates truth with something up her sleeve.

Anastasia Dziekan

Faculty Research & Inquiry

From the Magazine

Leading with Grace

Jill Leauber Marsteller ’78, P’18 has a unique perspective of Ursinus, having been a student, alumna, parent, senior vice president for advancement, and now as the college’s first female president. This is her story, told though the lens of some of the conversations she’s been part of throughout her educational and professional journey … and the people who have influenced her the most.
Jil Cover Horizontal

Unfinished Business

In 2014, Professor of History C. Dallett Hemphill (1959-2015) had been more than a dozen years cancer free. Then, in the midst of living an anything-but-ordinary life of teaching classes and writing her third book, she found out the cancer was back. Following a memorial for the late professor, a community of colleagues and former students—all of them scholars, and all of them her biggest fans—rallied to make sure her final book got past the finish line and that her final pages were published. While this piece was intended to be a story primarily about that book, Philadelphia Stories: People and Their Places in Early America, it’s impossible to separate the story of the book from the story of the relationships that Hemphill built.
web book Hemphill

Theater’s Leading Lady

For more than two-and-a-half decades, Joyce Henry (1927-2011) had top billing on Ursinus College Theater’s marquee. She was its leading lady, a fixture of the stage when theater wasn’t even an academic major in Collegeville. Henry was instrumental in bringing theater in a formal way—and an academic way—to the college.
Leading Lady Joyce Henry
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What’s Happening Now

Events on the Ursinus campus and beyond.

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Ursinus in the news

The Best Higher Education Books Of 2021

A Forbes columnist included Let’s Be Reasonable: A Conservative Case for Higher Education, a book by Professor of Politics Jonathan Marks, on its list of best higher education books for 2021. Read the list.

What’s in the infrastructure deal? Power grid upgrades, drinking water, high speed internet

Associate Professor of Business and Economics Scott Deacle appeared on a KYW-AM podcast to discuss the bipartisan infrastructure bill just passed into law. Listen here 

American workers are having a moment, but how long will changes to labor’s power dynamics last?

Associate Professor of Business and Economics Scott Deacle discussed labor unions on a KYW-AM podcast. Listen to it here.

Athletic News

  • January 19, 2022 at 12:00am

    Men’s Hoops Upset Bid Thwarted by Strong Second Half from No. 11 Swarthmore

  • January 18, 2022 at 12:00am

    Fitness Center Updates to Start Spring Semester

  • January 18, 2022 at 12:00am

    Lear Named Swimmer of the Week

  • January 17, 2022 at 12:00am

    PREVIEW: Ursinus Gymnastics Set to Return to Competition in 2022

  • January 15, 2022 at 12:00am

    Rodriguez and Nagle Capture First-Place Finishes at Will Abele Invitational

  • January 15, 2022 at 12:00am

    Men’s Hoops Downed by No. 12 Johns Hopkins, 99-90

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Life After Ursinus

Episode 5: Taking a Leap of Faith

For the first time ever, Ursinus goes global - all the way to Doha, Qatar where 2009 alumnus Andrew Clark shares his experience in digital marketing in the Middle East. Now based in Baltimore, Andrew discusses how taking a leap of faith paid off.

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