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These Bear blog posts bring good news, short stories and recent accomplishments to the Ursinus community. 

English and Theater Double Major Plays with Business Idea and Scores

World’s First Modern Computer, Born from an Ursinus Professor, Celebrates 75th Anniversary

An Alum’s Career Calling: Serving At-risk Youth

Students Apply Entrepreneurial Thinking to Pandemic Problem-Solving

Ava Compagnoni ’23 Makes Sure Thanksgiving Tables Are Full

Exemplary Work of Erin Hovey ‘96 and Mike Twarogowski Recognized with Staff Awards

Legal Eagle, er, Bear Returns as Mock Trial Coach

James Futter Keeps Campus Events Running (Just Not Sure When He Sleeps)

Celebrating 100 Years of the 19th Amendment

Passion for Vintage Fashion Is About More Than Just Clothes

LEGO Hobby Is Built for Quarantine

Pandemic Proposal Makes News at PBS

Knitting, Gardening (But Not Biking) Bring Joy to Newest Psych Professor

Screenside Chat with Shannon Zura

Dear Diary: Journaling Through the Pandemic

Kids Going Stir-Crazy? Let Off Some STEAM!

Films That Inspire

Upgrade Your Next Game Night

Trails and Tribulations

Health Economics Takes on Executive Summaries

Analyzing the Past in the Present

Seeking Artistic Inspiration

Dancing Together

The Economics of COVID-19

Positivity Prevails in Videos from Faculty and Staff

Turning Deposits into Donations

Lantern Launch, Live from Home

The Show Must Go Online

Social Distancing: A Philosopher’s Perspective

A UC Themed “Wallpaper Wednesday”

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