Ursinus in the News

  • A biochemistry professor and two students navigate the COVID-19 pandemic

    Professor Rebecca Roberts, Stephanie Chell ’21, and Christine Heren ’22 published an essay in ASBMB Today on their experience teaching and learning during COVID-19.

  • The Great Anti-Left Show

    Tony Nadler, an associate professor of media and communication studies, penned an essay in The Los Angeles Review of Books on conservative news giant Rush Limbaugh. 

  • Why is the stock market bad at showing how the economy is doing?

    Scott Deacle, associate professor of business and economics, was a guest on a KYW-AM podcast. 

  • Little Seems Normal As Students Head to First Year in College

    Dean of Students Missy Bryant was interviewed for a Sanatoga Post video news package about the start of the fall semester at local colleges and universities. 

  • Canceling the College-Football Season Isn’t Enough

    Johanna Mellis, an assistant professor of history, co-authored an opinion piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education about the unsafe and exploitative aspects of college football coupled with COVID-19.

  • That great unemployment report wasn’t as great as we thought

    KYW News Radio: Scott Deacle, an associate professor and chair of the business and economics department, appeared on the KYW In Depth: Coronavirus podcast to discuss the latest unemployment report amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Can millionaire college coaches defend their salaries during Covid-19?

    The Guardian: Jasmine Harris, an assistant professor of sociology, was quoted in this article about high coach salaries amid coronavirus-related spending cuts at universities.

  • Trump, Biden, and the paths to 270: the election day preview episode

    Professor of Politics Gerard Fitzpatrick was the featured guest on a KYW-AM podcast previewing the 2020 presidential election.  

  • What ‘The Babylon Bee’ Thinks Is So Funny About Liberals

    Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies Tony Nadler is quoted in this New York Times story about a conservative satire website. 

  • In the Room Where It Happens

    Susanna Throop, a professor of history, co-authored an opinion piece for Inside Higher Ed  on faculty leadership. 

  • NCAA Division III fall sports shutdown went beyond COVID-19 case data

    In this Philadelphia Inquirer article, President Brock Blomberg and Director of Athletics Laura Moliken are quoted on fall sports plans. 

  • Interest in Foraging Is Booming. Here’s How to Do it Right.

    Patrick Hurley, associate professor and chair of environmental studies, was quoted in a Civil Eats article about best practices for foraging. 

  • The End of College as We Knew It?

    Stephanie Mackler, an associate professor of education and assistant dean of the college, and Matt Schmitz ’21 are mentioned in a New York Times column about the merits of a liberal arts education. The article quotes a piece Schmitz wrote for Mackler’s class. 

  • Online lab work

    American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Rebecca Roberts, an associate professor of biology, helped develop a curriculum called BASIL that was mentioned in this article about moving labs online.

  • College Football Feels All Too Normal During The Pandemic

    Johanna Mellis, an assistant professor of history, co-authored an opinion piece for Time on the dangers of playing college football during a pandemic. 

  • At Ursinus College, all students are tested for the coronavirus every week

    Ursinus College was featured in a story that ran on the front page of the local section and online in The Philadelphia Inquirer about our return to in-person instruction, testing policies for COVID-19, and our block CIE schedule. 

  • Tech Takeover: A Closer Look At Clicktivism

    Lynne Edwards, a professor of media and communication studies, was interviewed by PBS-39 News about activism on social media. 

  • What’s going to be in the next coronavirus relief bill, and who will it actually help?

    In this KYW-AM podcast, business and economics professor Scott Deacle discusses the next coronavirus relief bill from congress.

  • How a Small Private College Met Its Admissions Goals

    Inside Higher Ed: In a feature story, Shannon Zottola, vice president and dean of enrollment management, spoke about how Ursinus met its enrollment goals for 2020. Professors Susanna Throop and Scott Deacle were quoted about the high level of faculty engagement with prospective students. 

  • ‘Lost in Thought’ Review: The Life of the Mind

    The Wall Street Journal: Jonathan Marks, a professor of politics, penned a book review of “Lost in Thought: The Hidden Pleasures of an Intellectual Life” by Zena Hitz.