Ursinus in the News

  • ‘Pink slime’ sites masquerade as real news. There are 65 in Pennsylvania alone.

    Associate Professor of Media and Communication Tony Nadler is quoted in this front page Philadelphia Inquirer story about propagandistic local news sites known as “pink slime. Read it here.

  • Fishing Gear Risking Extinction of Endangered Whale

    In a Newsweek  article, Assistant Professor of Statistics Leslie New is quoted regarding her research about critically endangered whale species and their frequent entanglement in fishing gear. Read it here

  • The global impacts of Sweden joining NATO

    Associate Professor of Politics and International Relations Johannes Karreth was a guest on a KYW podcast and discussed the implications of Sweden, a historically neutral country, joining NATO. Listen here

  • ‘Way too much news’: US conservatives face a fragmented media map

    Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies Tony Nadler is quoted in a Financial Times story about the growing fragmentation of conservative media in the U.S. Read it here

  • Surviving fishing gear entanglement isn’t enough for endangered right whales – females still don’t breed afterward

    Assistant Professor of Statistics Leslie New co-authored a piece on North Atlantic right whale research in The Conversation. Read it here

  • Do all credit card companies define “excellent” credit the same way?

    Assistant Professor of Business and Economics Abdullah Al Shoeb shared his expertise in a Wallet Hub article. Read it here

  • The Top 50 Women Leaders in Education of 2023

    President Robyn Hannigan was included in Women We Admire’s list of “The Top 50 Women Leaders in Education of 2023.” Read it here

  • Is embracing freudenfreude the key to better friendships?

    The research of Professor of Psychology Cathy Chambliss on freudenfreude (finding pleasure in another’s good fortune) was featured in a Reader’s Digest article. Read it here.

  • It’s time to take the fast track to #DiscoverBMB!

    Professor of Biology Rebecca Roberts was quoted in an article for ASBSB Today, the member magazine for the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Read it here.

  • What makes TikTok so thirsty for Joe Burrow?

    A Washington Post story quoted Professor and Chair of Business and Economics Jennifer VanGilder and applied her facial symmetry research in a story about NFL quarterbacks. Read it here.

  • The Heartbeat: Montco Arts and Jazz Fest Week

    In a feature story about the arts in the region, CBS-3 profiled the Berman Museum of Art. Watch it here.

  • College Recognized for Its Recovery-Friendly Culture, Policies

    Inside Higher Ed published a story about Ursinus’s designation as a recovery-friendly workplace, and interviewed Vice President for Health and Wellness Laura Moliken and Director of Health Promotion Katie Bean. Read the story.

  • Tiktok’s hyper-realistic aging filter may help you make better retirement decisions — but not on its own

    Victor Ricciardi, a visiting finance professor, was quoted in this CNBC.com story about a new TikTok filter that has gone viral. Read it here.

  • How liberal Seattle created a powerful conservative influencer: Christopher Rufo

    Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies Tony Nadler was interviewed for this NPR story. Read and listen here.

  • Great Books Can Heal Our Divided Campuses

    Andrew Delbanco, Columbia University professor and president of the Teagle Foundation, cites the Common Intellectual experience in a Wall Street Journal column about programs where students from different backgrounds can engage in meaningful discussion. Read it here.

  • Defining Liberal Education—and How to Advertise It

    Inside Higher Ed featured a story about the “Revolutions in Liberal Education” conference held on the Ursinus campus. It includes quotes from President Robyn Hannigan, Vice President Mike Keaton, and Professor Paul Stern. Read it here.

  • Inside the fight to save American college from runaway careerism

    In this column in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Will Bunch covers Ursinus’s Revolutions in Liberal Education colloquium, where higher education’s leading innovators gathered to discuss the promise of a liberal arts education. Read it here.

  • How to improve mental health for college students

    President Robyn Hannigan co-authored an op-ed for The Philadelphia Inquirer with Widener University President Stacey Robertson calling for colleges and universities to prioritize well-being on their campuses. Read it here.

  • It’s 30 years of Jonathan Demme’s ‘Philadelphia.’ Watch it at Bryn Mawr.

    Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies and Film Studies Coordinator Jennifer Fleeger was quoted in a story about the 30th anniversary of the movie Philadelphia. She is hosting a cinema classics seminar on the film at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute. Read the story.

  • The 2023 Higher Education Power 100

    President Robyn Hannigan was ranked as a member of the 2023 Higher Education Power 100, a list of Pennsylvania’s strongest leaders in higher education. City & State PA profiled leaders who continue to advance their institutions to a place of flourishing through tenacity, inspiration, and focused vision. Read it here