Ursinus in the News

  • Conservative Newswork: A Report on the Values and Practices of Online Journalists on the Right

    Columbia Journalism Review: Tony Nadler, an associate professor of media and communication studies, and his research team published a report on partisan news media in the United States.

  • The surprising comfort of learning objectives

    ASBMB Today: Rebecca Roberts, an associate professor of biology, penned an essay about the transition between classroom and remote learning and using the predetermined learning objectives to guide the new process.

  • Common Bedfellows: Sleep Disturbances and Psychiatric Disorders

    Psychiatry Advisor: Paul Doghramji, the medical director of health services at Ursinus, shared his expertise in this article about sleep disturbances and the connection to psychiatric conditions and how poor sleep habits can lead to greater concerns.

  • Ursinus College given $11M for new scholarship program

    The Mercury: Ursinus has been mentioned in an article about the record breaking $11 million gift given by Joan and Will Abele ’61 to support to Abele Scholars Program here at Ursinus.

  • Covid-19: The Crisis That Launched 1,000 Student Surveys

    The Chronicle of Higher Education: Shannon Zottola, vice president and dean of enrollment management, talks about the recent survey sent to accepted students and high school counselors about how to best help prospective students get a feel for Ursinus despite on-campus visits being cancelled. Please note that this article may be behind a paywall to access.

  • Gym Fail Videos Are Great Because It’s Fun to See People Suffer a Little

    Men’s Health: Cathy Chambliss, a professor of psychology, offered insight into the schadenfreude that many people feel when watching “gym fails” online.

  • Bloomberg is running his campaign’s Twitter like a brand, and it’s not landing

    Mashable: Tony Nadler, an associate professor of media and communication studies, offered his insight in this article about Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg and the atypical, meme-referencing advertisement style he has adopted during his political campaign.

  • Colleges stand to lose millions because of the coronavirus

    The Philadelphia Inquirer: Shannon Zottola, vice president and dean of enrollment, was quoted in this article in which Ursinus was highlighted for a recent survey on accepted students and their needs now that on-campus visits have been cancelled.

  • TECH TAKEOVER: Tips for dealing with ‘Tech Neck’

    PBS39: Louise Woodstock, an associate professor of media and communication studies, can be seen in this Tech Takeover segment about the sore muscles from frequent phone use known as ‘Tech Neck’. Woodstock offers tips on how to take a step back and take control of your tech intake. Click the ‘Tech Neck’ video to watch.

  • Philadelphia’s international students face barriers to mental-health services

    The Philadelphia Inquirer: Suzanne Chong, a staff psychologist at Ursinus, was interviewed for a piece about the challenges that many international students face, particularly when seeking mental-health services at their colleges and universities.