• The Top 50 Women Leaders in Education of 2023

    President Robyn Hannigan was included in Women We Admire’s list of “The Top 50 Women Leaders in Education of 2023.” Read it here.

  • Is embracing freudenfreude the key to better friendships?

    The research of Professor of Psychology Cathy Chambliss on freudenfreude (finding pleasure in another’s good fortune) was featured in a Reader’s Digest article. Read it here.

  • It’s time to take the fast track to #DiscoverBMB!

    Professor of Biology Rebecca Roberts was quoted in an article for ASBSB Today, the member magazine for the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Read it here.

  • What makes TikTok so thirsty for Joe Burrow?

    A Washington Post story quoted Professor and Chair of Business and Economics Jennifer VanGilder and applied her facial symmetry research in a story about NFL quarterbacks. Read it here.

  • The Heartbeat: Montco Arts and Jazz Fest Week

    In a feature story about the arts in the region, CBS-3 profiled the Berman Museum of Art. Watch it here.

  • College Recognized for Its Recovery-Friendly Culture, Policies

    Inside Higher Ed published a story about Ursinus’s designation as a recovery-friendly workplace, and interviewed Vice President for Health and Wellness Laura Moliken and Director of Health Promotion Katie Bean. Read the story.

  • Tiktok’s hyper-realistic aging filter may help you make better retirement decisions — but not on its own

    Victor Ricciardi, a visiting finance professor, was quoted in this CNBC.com story about a new TikTok filter that has gone viral. Read it here.

  • How liberal Seattle created a powerful conservative influencer: Christopher Rufo

    Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies Tony Nadler was interviewed for this NPR story. Read and listen here.

  • Great Books Can Heal Our Divided Campuses

    Andrew Delbanco, Columbia University professor and president of the Teagle Foundation, cites the Common Intellectual experience in a Wall Street Journal column about programs where students from different backgrounds can engage in meaningful discussion. Read it here.

  • Defining Liberal Education—and How to Advertise It

    Inside Higher Ed featured a story about the “Revolutions in Liberal Education” conference held on the Ursinus campus. It includes quotes from President Robyn Hannigan, Vice President Mike Keaton, and Professor Paul Stern. Read it here.

  • Inside the fight to save American college from runaway careerism

    In this column in The Philadelphia Inquirer, Will Bunch covers Ursinus’s Revolutions in Liberal Education colloquium, where higher education’s leading innovators gathered to discuss the promise of a liberal arts education. Read it here.

  • How to improve mental health for college students

    President Robyn Hannigan co-authored an op-ed for The Philadelphia Inquirer with Widener University President Stacey Robertson calling for colleges and universities to prioritize well-being on their campuses. Read it here.

  • It’s 30 years of Jonathan Demme’s ‘Philadelphia.’ Watch it at Bryn Mawr.

    Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies and Film Studies Coordinator Jennifer Fleeger was quoted in a story about the 30th anniversary of the movie Philadelphia. She is hosting a cinema classics seminar on the film at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute. Read the story.

  • The 2023 Higher Education Power 100

    President Robyn Hannigan was ranked as a member of the 2023 Higher Education Power 100, a list of Pennsylvania’s strongest leaders in higher education. City & State PA profiled leaders who continue to advance their institutions to a place of flourishing through tenacity, inspiration, and focused vision. Read it here

  • Berman Museum of Art’s new show puts in the work

    The Philadelphia Inquirer previewed The Berman’s spring gallery of exhibitions, including Essential Work, which features a diverse group of international artists who examine questions of labor and value. Read the story.

  • Freudenfreude Might Be Just What Your Friendships Are Missing

    Professor Cathy Chambliss’s research on the joy we feel for the success of others was featured in an article on Huffpost.com. Read it here.

  • Methacton parents ask school board to pull books from libraries

    Library of the College Diane Skorina provided context and opinion on book banning in a Mercury story about the national argument over what books are appropriate (or not) to be in public school libraries. Read it here.

  • Should the Federal Reserve continue to raise its target interest rate?

    Associate Professor of Business and Economics Scott Deacle was featured in WalletHub’s recent article about fed rate hike probability and analysis. Read it here.

  • Why Does Broadway Keep Doing Drag?

    Professor of Theater Domenick Scudera was interviewed about drag performance and trans representation for The Takeaway on NPR. Listen here.

  • A calming voice on campus

    Vice President and General Counsel Bob Clothier was featured in Vanguarda digital publication that showcases the incredible diversity of modern in-house counsel, highlighting the philosophies, strategies and initiatives of attorneys from around the world. Read it here.

  • ‘Pipe dream’ made real

    Ursinus gymnastics coach Kim Valenti was interviewed for 1-on-1 with Matt Leon, a KYW-AM podcast. Read and listen to it here.

  • Top 50 Women Leaders of New York for 2022

    President Robyn Hannigan appears on this womenweadmire.com list, which acknowledges individuals for not only their professional achievements, but also their philanthropic and community efforts. Read it here.

  • Confronting media gerrymandering

    Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies Tony Nadler talked media trends for Harvard University’s NiemanLab. Read more.

  • Ursinus College launches new commitment to wellness on campus

    Ursinus’s wellness commitment through the international Okanagan Charter was featured in a story in The Mercury. Read it here.

  • The Opposite of Schadenfreude Is Freudenfreude. Here’s How to Cultivate It.

    Professor of Psychology Cathy Chambliss was featured in this New York Times article about the joy we derive from the success of others. Read it here.

  • The Eyes Are the Windows to the Soul

    Talia Argondezzi, director of the writing and speaking program, penned this humor column in The New Yorker. Read it here

  • How Doug Mastriano Deployed Facebook Live

    Professors Tony Nadler and Doron Taussig participated in a multimedia piece in The Philadelphia Inquirer discussing the appeal of Doug Mastriano that analyzed Mastriano’s Facebook live videos. Watch it here.

  • Looking For a New Approach to Journalism’s Conservatism Problem

    Assistant Professor in Journalism Doron Taussig and Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies Tony Nadler authored a piece for the Columbia Journalism Review. Read it here.

  • Wellness a Growing Push Across Universities

    President Robyn Hannigan and Vice President for Health and Wellness Laura Moliken were quoted in a story in The Philadelphia Inquirer about wellbeing on college campuses. The story included coverage of Ursinus’s signing of the Okanagan Charter. Read it here.

  • ‘We told you so’: For Black athletes racism from college fans is a familiar story

    Assistant Professor of History Johanna Mellis co-authored a piece in The GuardianRead it here.

  • The Growth Trends In Women’s Intercollegiate Wrestling

    AthleticDirectorU featured a story about women’s wrestling that prominently included Ursinus Coach Joe Jamison and Director of Athletics Erin Stroble. Read it here

  • Red Scare

    Professor and Chair of Politics Jonathan Marks penned an opinion piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education on conservative activism on college campuses. Read the article.

  • Cities Where Inflation is Rising the Most

    Associate Professor of Business and Economics Scott Deacle was interviewed for an “Ask the Experts” portion of a wallethub.com article on inflation. Read it here.

  • Mathematics for Human Flourishing at Ursinus College

    Nicholas Scoville, the Joseph Beardwood III Chair of Mathematics, authored a blog post for the Mathematical Association of America. Read the blog post.

  • Bennifer gets a happy ending

    An article in The Washington Post included a quote from Alice Leppert, an associate professor of media and communication studies. Read the story.

  • How conservative media weaponized a story about a 10-year-old and abortion

    Tony Nadler, an associate professor of media and communication studies, was quoted in an article on nbcnews.com. Read the story.

  • What Is a ‘Nepotism Baby’?

    Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies Alice Leppert was quoted in a New York Times article about young entertainers born into famous families. Read it here.

  • Conservatives feel blamed, shamed and ostracized by the media

    Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies Tony Nadler and Assistant Professor in Journalism Doron Taussig published a piece in The Conversation that was also picked up in several national outlets. Read it here.

  • Sanctions: why they work (or don’t) and how they’re affecting Russia

    Business and Economics Professor Scott Deacle appeared on a KYW-AM podcast to discuss economic sanctions for Russia. Listen here.

  • Meet Ursinus’s new leader

    The Philadelphia Inquirer profiled Incoming President Robyn E. Hannigan in a news story online and in print. Read it here.

  • Jake Gyllenhaal knows cyberbullying all too well. But are stars responsible for fans’ actions?

    Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies Alice Leppert was quoted in USA Today in a story about cyberbullying directed at celebrities. Read it here.

  • The Best Higher Education Books Of 2021

    A Forbes columnist included Let’s Be Reasonable: A Conservative Case for Higher Education, a book by Professor of Politics Jonathan Marks, on its list of best higher education books for 2021. Read the list.

  • What’s in the infrastructure deal? Power grid upgrades, drinking water, high speed internet

    Associate Professor of Business and Economics Scott Deacle appeared on a KYW-AM podcast to discuss the bipartisan infrastructure bill just passed into law. Listen here 

  • American workers are having a moment, but how long will changes to labor’s power dynamics last?

    Associate Professor of Business and Economics Scott Deacle discussed labor unions on a KYW-AM podcast. Listen to it here.

  • High School Students and Counselors Are Burned Out

    Ursinus College recently surveyed high school counselors about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the college search process. It was featured in an Inside Higher Ed story that included quotes from Vice President and Dean of Enrollment Management and Marketing Shannon Zottola. Read the article.

  • The Pandemic Exposed Our Broken Higher-Education System. It’s Also Given Us a Chance to Make Things Better

    Director of Admission Diane Greenwood and Associate Professor of Business and Economics Scott Deacle were quoted in a Philadelphia Magazine story about how colleges navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the story.

  • Even with the delta variant, Ursinus College expects a better fall with a mostly vaccinated campus

    This feature story in The Philadelphia Inquirer details how Ursinus College is preparing for the 2021-22 academic year. Read the article.

  • Vaccination Alone Isn’t Enough to Keep the Virus Under Control This Fall, One Small College Warns

    In this Chronicle of Higher Education article, Vice President for Academic Affairs mark Schneider discusses the data driven approach that Ursinus uses to help prepare for a residential undergraduate experience in the midst of a pandemic. 

  • How Black Foragers Find Freedom in the Natural World

    Professor and Chair of Environment Studies Patrick Hurley is quoted in this New York Times feature on new food sources and land separation. 

  • By Taking Care of Herself, Simone Biles May Transform Sports

    Assistant Professor of History Johanna Mellis authored an opinion piece that was prominently featured in The Washington Post.

  • Saving and Investing

    Associate Professor of Business and Economics Scott Deacle is featured in two moneygeek.com Q&A articles on saving and investing and mortgages. Click the links to read the stories.

  • How 1980s hit ‘Who’s the Boss?’ came to be

    Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies Alice Leppert recently appeared on CNN’s series History of the Sitcom

  • Seeing glass in a new light

    Assistant Professor of Physics Casey Schwarz authored an article for SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics. It discusses how chalcogenide glass is used to make new infrared optics. 

  • Wood prices affecting Philadelphia construction industry

    Scott Deacle, associate professor of business and economics, was interviewed for this KYW-AM business story.

  • Psychologist’s Tips on Dealing With Anxiety Following Anti-Asian Attacks

    Suzanne Chong, a Wellness Center staff psychologist, discussed anti-Asian attacks on NBC10.

  • The limitations of the “news ecosystem” metaphor

    Associate Professor of Media and Communications Studies Tony Nadler was interviewed by Columbia Journalism Review about news markets and the “news ecosystem.”

  • ‘Let’s Be Reasonable’ Review: How to Elevate Higher Learning

    The Washington Post published a review of Professor of Politics Jonathan Marks’s new book, Let’s Be Reasonable: A Conservative Case for Liberal Education

  • ‘Let’s Be Reasonable’

    Professor of Politics Jonathan Marks was featured in a Q&A in Inside Higher Ed detailing his new book, Let’s Be Reasonable: A Conservative Case for Liberal Education.

  • The good, the bad, and the surprising: What’s inside the new COVID-19 relief bill?

    Scott Deacle, associate professor of business and economics, shares his expertise in a segment on a KYW-AM podcast about the latest COVID-19 relief funding.

  • Evolution of the SARS-CoV-2 proteome in 3D during the first six months of the COVID-19 pandemic

    News Medical published an article regarding research being done by Professor Rebecca Roberts and Ursinus undergraduate students to understand COVID-19.

  • Searching For A Cool Tech Gadget This Holiday Season? Try Going Green

    Ursinus Director of Sustainability Kate Keppen talks about recycled products in this PBS39 news segment.

  • A biochemistry professor and two students navigate the COVID-19 pandemic

    Professor Rebecca Roberts, Stephanie Chell ’21, and Christine Heren ’22 published an essay in ASBMB Today on their experience teaching and learning during COVID-19.

  • Trump, Biden, and the paths to 270: the election day preview episode

    Professor of Politics Gerard Fitzpatrick was the featured guest on a KYW-AM podcast previewing the 2020 presidential election.  

  • College Football Feels All Too Normal During The Pandemic

    Johanna Mellis, an assistant professor of history, co-authored an opinion piece for Time on the dangers of playing college football during a pandemic. 

  • The Great Anti-Left Show

    Tony Nadler, an associate professor of media and communication studies, penned an essay in The Los Angeles Review of Books on conservative news giant Rush Limbaugh. 

  • What ‘The Babylon Bee’ Thinks Is So Funny About Liberals

    Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies Tony Nadler is quoted in this New York Times story about a conservative satire website. 

  • At Ursinus College, all students are tested for the coronavirus every week

    Ursinus College was featured in a story that ran on the front page of the local section and online in The Philadelphia Inquirer about our return to in-person instruction, testing policies for COVID-19, and our block CIE schedule. 

  • Why is the stock market bad at showing how the economy is doing?

    Scott Deacle, associate professor of business and economics, was a guest on a KYW-AM podcast. 

  • In the Room Where It Happens

    Susanna Throop, a professor of history, co-authored an opinion piece for Inside Higher Ed  on faculty leadership. 

  • Tech Takeover: A Closer Look At Clicktivism

    Lynne Edwards, a professor of media and communication studies, was interviewed by PBS-39 News about activism on social media. 

  • Little Seems Normal As Students Head to First Year in College

    Dean of Students Missy Bryant was interviewed for a Sanatoga Post video news package about the start of the fall semester at local colleges and universities. 

  • NCAA Division III fall sports shutdown went beyond COVID-19 case data

    In this Philadelphia Inquirer article, President Brock Blomberg and Director of Athletics Laura Moliken are quoted on fall sports plans. 

  • What’s going to be in the next coronavirus relief bill, and who will it actually help?

    In this KYW-AM podcast, business and economics professor Scott Deacle discusses the next coronavirus relief bill from congress.

  • Canceling the College-Football Season Isn’t Enough

    Johanna Mellis, an assistant professor of history, co-authored an opinion piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education about the unsafe and exploitative aspects of college football coupled with COVID-19.

  • Interest in Foraging Is Booming. Here’s How to Do it Right.

    Patrick Hurley, associate professor and chair of environmental studies, was quoted in a Civil Eats article about best practices for foraging. 

  • How a Small Private College Met Its Admissions Goals

    Inside Higher Ed: In a feature story, Shannon Zottola, vice president and dean of enrollment management, spoke about how Ursinus met its enrollment goals for 2020. Professors Susanna Throop and Scott Deacle were quoted about the high level of faculty engagement with prospective students. 

  • That great unemployment report wasn’t as great as we thought

    KYW News Radio: Scott Deacle, an associate professor and chair of the business and economics department, appeared on the KYW In Depth: Coronavirus podcast to discuss the latest unemployment report amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • The End of College as We Knew It?

    Stephanie Mackler, an associate professor of education and assistant dean of the college, and Matt Schmitz ’21 are mentioned in a New York Times column about the merits of a liberal arts education. The article quotes a piece Schmitz wrote for Mackler’s class. 

  • ‘Lost in Thought’ Review: The Life of the Mind

    The Wall Street Journal: Jonathan Marks, a professor of politics, penned a book review of “Lost in Thought: The Hidden Pleasures of an Intellectual Life” by Zena Hitz.

  • Can millionaire college coaches defend their salaries during Covid-19?

    The Guardian: Jasmine Harris, an assistant professor of sociology, was quoted in this article about high coach salaries amid coronavirus-related spending cuts at universities.

  • Online lab work

    American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Rebecca Roberts, an associate professor of biology, helped develop a curriculum called BASIL that was mentioned in this article about moving labs online.

  • What’s in the new $484 billion coronavirus bill, and how are we paying for it?

    Scott Deacle, associate professor of business and economics, spoke to KYW-AM on a podcast about the economic stimulus. 

  • Uncertain Job Market Awaits Soon-to-Be Graduates

    Sharon Hansen, director of career and post-graduate development, was quoted in a story in Inside Higher Ed about the job market during the COVID-19 pandemic. Parker Wolf ’20 was also quoted. 

  • Colleges holding on-campus classes in the fall? Maybe.

    The Philadelphia Inquirer quoted Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean Mark Schneider and Vice President of Finance and Administration Annette Parker in a story about college and university plans for the fall 2020 semester. 

  • Can a Residential College Sell an Online Experience in a Crisis?

    Ursinus’s commitment to making a donation to a local food pantry for each deposit it received during Admitted Students Experience was highlighted in EdSurge.

  • Colleges will receive millions in stimulus money, but coronavirus expenses are greater

    Dean Mark Schneider was quoted in this story in The Philadelphia Inquirer about colleges and universities receiving federal stimulus funding.

  • Finding employment during coronavirus: A glimmer of hope for college seniors

    The Philadelphia Inquirer: Sharon Hansen, director of career and post-graduate development, was quoted in this article about upcoming graduates looking for work amid the COVID-19 pandemic, also mentioning the coronanomics webinar and Ursinus’s “employer support” plan.

  • “Who would have guessed that forced separation would end up bringing us together?” How COVID-19 is reorganizing our priorities

    KYW News Radio: Cathy Chambliss, a professor of psychology, is interviewed in this radio segment, explaining how our attitudes towards public health are shifting in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and may continue to change.

  • Conservative Newswork: A Report on the Values and Practices of Online Journalists on the Right

    Columbia Journalism Review: Tony Nadler, an associate professor of media and communication studies, and his research team published a report on partisan news media in the United States.

  • Covid-19: The Crisis That Launched 1,000 Student Surveys

    The Chronicle of Higher Education: Shannon Zottola, vice president and dean of enrollment management, talks about the recent survey sent to accepted students and high school counselors about how to best help prospective students get a feel for Ursinus despite on-campus visits being cancelled. Please note that this article may be behind a paywall to access.

  • Colleges stand to lose millions because of the coronavirus

    The Philadelphia Inquirer: Shannon Zottola, vice president and dean of enrollment, was quoted in this article in which Ursinus was highlighted for a recent survey on accepted students and their needs now that on-campus visits have been cancelled.

  • The surprising comfort of learning objectives

    ASBMB Today: Rebecca Roberts, an associate professor of biology, penned an essay about the transition between classroom and remote learning and using the predetermined learning objectives to guide the new process.

  • Gym Fail Videos Are Great Because It’s Fun to See People Suffer a Little

    Men’s Health: Cathy Chambliss, a professor of psychology, offered insight into the schadenfreude that many people feel when watching “gym fails” online.

  • TECH TAKEOVER: Tips for dealing with ‘Tech Neck’

    PBS39: Louise Woodstock, an associate professor of media and communication studies, can be seen in this Tech Takeover segment about the sore muscles from frequent phone use known as ‘Tech Neck’. Woodstock offers tips on how to take a step back and take control of your tech intake. Click the ‘Tech Neck’ video to watch.

  • Common Bedfellows: Sleep Disturbances and Psychiatric Disorders

    Psychiatry Advisor: Paul Doghramji, the medical director of health services at Ursinus, shared his expertise in this article about sleep disturbances and the connection to psychiatric conditions and how poor sleep habits can lead to greater concerns.

  • Bloomberg is running his campaign’s Twitter like a brand, and it’s not landing

    Mashable: Tony Nadler, an associate professor of media and communication studies, offered his insight in this article about Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg and the atypical, meme-referencing advertisement style he has adopted during his political campaign.

  • Philadelphia’s international students face barriers to mental-health services

    The Philadelphia Inquirer: Suzanne Chong, a staff psychologist at Ursinus, was interviewed for a piece about the challenges that many international students face, particularly when seeking mental-health services at their colleges and universities.

  • Ursinus College given $11M for new scholarship program

    The Mercury: Ursinus has been mentioned in an article about the record breaking $11 million gift given by Joan and Will Abele ’61 to support to Abele Scholars Program here at Ursinus.

  • Chronicle of Philanthropy Gifts Roundup

    Chronicle of Philanthropy: Ursinus is one of several colleges and universities featured in the latest Chronicle of Philanthrophy Gifts Roundup. Urisnus has been noted for the $11 million gift from Joan and Will Abele ’61 for the Abele Scholars Program.

  • Ursinus College receives $11M donation for student scholarships

    Philadelphia Business Journal: This article shares details about the Abele Scholars Program at Ursinus and the record breaking support from Joan and Will Abele ’61.

  • Ursinus College receives $11 million donation, its largest, for student scholarships

    The Philadelphia Inquirer: Ursinus has been featured in an article detailing the generous $11 million gift from Joan and Will Abele ’61.

  • ‘Die Hard,’ a Christmas tradition, just like candy canes, cookies and Santa Claus

    Philly Voice: Jennifer Fleeger, an associate professor of media and communications studies and film studies coordinator, shared her expertise on the topic of whether or not Die Hard can be considered a Christmas movie.

  • Clash of Clans: Election Edition

    Niemen Lab: Tony Nadler, an associate professor of media and communications studies, penned a prediction piece about 2020 election coverage.

  • The Latest and Greatest to See at Philly’s Art Museums

    Philadelphia Style: In celebration of the Berman Museum’s 30th anniversary, this news piece shares details of the interactive To Berman with Love exhibit on display until October 2020.

  • This art exhibit in the Philly suburbs really nails it, carpenter-style

    The Philadelphia Inquirer: Ursinus College has been mentioned in an article detailing the four shows currently on exhibit in the Berman Museum of Art, including Music for 150 Carpenters.

  • Will the NCAA’s move to let college athletes get paid endorsements make a difference? 3 questions answered

    The Baltimore Sun: Jasmine Harris, an assistant professor of sociology, penned an article about the NCAA’s plan to allow student athletes to profit from their own image and likeness.

  • Moving beyond ‘Zuck sucks’

    Columbia Journalism Review: Tony Nadler, an associate professor of media and communications studies, and Doron Taussig, a visiting assistant professor of media and communications studies, co-wrote an essay about “Big Tech” coverage in journalism.

  • Limerick Responders Join Blood Pressure Study

    The Limerick Post: Deborah Feairheller, an associate professor of health and exercise physiology, was featured in an article about a research study by the Ursinus HEART Lab on improving cardiovascular health.

  • Should Pa. legalize paying student-athletes?

    The Philadelphia Inquirer: Jasmine Harris, an assistant professor of sociology, was included in opinion column about paying student-athletes. 

  • Policing Anti-Semitism Everywhere No double standards on hate.

    Commentary Magazine: Jonathan Marks, a professor of politics, wrote about policing anti-Semitism equally within American politics.

  • As colleges compete for fewer students, the pressure rises to meet enrollment targets

    The Philadelphia Inquirer: Ursinus College is mentioned in a front-page story about regional enrollment trends. Shannon Zottola, vice president and dean of enrollment, and Scott Deacle, associate professor of business and economics, are quoted. 

  • 6-year-old with cystic fibrosis gets drafted to Ursinus men’s soccer team

    WPVI-TV (6ABC): Coverage of 6-year-old Montgomery County resident Michael Mathis “signing” with the Ursinus men’s soccer team appeared during a live news broadcast. 

  • Aristocracy of Letters

    Washington Examiner: Jonathan Marks, a professor of politics, penned an article about Anthony Kronman’s book The Assault on American Excellence.

  • LOOKING FOR ANSWERS: Ursinus class is using journalism to help

    The Phoenix Reporter & Item: A media and communications studies course at Ursinus taught by Doron Taussig was featured in an article about “solutions journalism”.

  • Professors Have Feelings, Too

    Inside Higher Ed: Jasmine Harris, an assistant professor of sociology, shared her comments on the topic of faculty emotions in this story.

  • Ursinus, USciences sign affiliation agreement

    The Pottstown Mercury: A story about a new agreement that allows Ursinus students to pursue a master’s degree at USciences appeared in print and online.

  • Guest Column: College lessons for grads, dads and college presidents

    The Delaware County Daily Times: A letter penned by Ursinus President Brock Blomberg to his daughter, who graduated college in May 2019, was published in print and online.

  • Ursinus College’s entrepreneur in residence receives 2019 Leavey Award

    Montco.Today ran a story about Maureen Cumpstone ’79, who earned a 2019 Leavey Award for Excellence in Private Enterprise Education for her work with the U-Image Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies.

  • Kevin Small - At Home In Collegeville

    KYW-AM: Ursinus head basketball coach Kevin Small appeared on an episode of “1-on-1 with Matt Leon,” a KYW-AM podcast.  

  • Employers expect to hire more 2019 college grads

    ThePottstown Mercury: Sharon Hansen, director of career and post-graduate development, was quoted in a story about the job market for 2019 college graduates.

  • Men’s Lax goalie, Nick Kirk is #7 on ESPN’s SportsCenter’s plays of the day

    ESPN: Nick Kirk’s impossible diving stop during the men’s lacrosse game made SportsCenter’s Top 10 plays of the day on Wednesday May 8th show.

  • The mess that is elite college admissions, explained by a former dean

    Vox: Doron Taussig, a visiting assistant professor of media and communications studies, was quoted in an article about the admissions process in colleges and universities.

  • Facebook bans Alex Jones and other controversial figures for hate speech

    Los Angeles Times:Tony Nadler, an associate professor of media and communication studies, was quoted in a story about hate speech on social media. 

  • Celebrating May Day: Trade unions as schools of democracy

    “Africa is a Country,” a highly influential blog that is well-respected among scholars of African politics/studies, posted an article that cites a recently published piece by Ann Karreth, an assistant professor of politics, titled “Schools of Democracy: How Trade Union Membership Impacts Political Participation in Africa’s Emerging Democracies.”

  • Twitter users younger, more educated and more likely democrat, according to study

    Tony Nadler, an associate professor of media and communication studies, was interviewed by KPCC-FM, an NPR affiliate in Los Angeles, in a segment about Twitter users. 

  • Flashpoint: Flyers mute Kate Smith

    Jennifer Fleeger, an associate professor of media and communications studies, commented on the controversy surrounding singer Kate Smith on KYW-AM’s Flashpoint talk news program.

  • The Future of Gen Ed

    Mark Schneider, vice president of academic affairs and dean of the college, talked about the Ursinus Quest core curriculum during a TED-style talk sponsored by ?Inside Higher Ed? in Washington, D.C. This article highlights the event.

  • 7 Crucial Questions to Ask When Choosing a College

    Shannon Zottola, vice president and dean of enrollment, was quoted in an article on Student Loan Hero about finding your best college fit when making a decision.

  • Thank Goodness Trump Is Here to Save Free Speech

    Professor of Politics Jonathan Marks penned an op-ed published in ?The Chronicle of Higher Education ?on President Donald Trump’s executive order threatening to withhold federal research dollars if colleges don’t respect and protect free speech.

  • Facebook decided which users are interested in Nazis — and let advertisers target them directly

    Tony Nadler, an associate professor of media and communications studies, was quoted in a ?Los Angeles Times ?article on targeted advertising.

  • Volunteers paint 100 murals at Kensington High School for MLK Day

    A photo of Ursinus students participating in a day of service at Kensington High School in Philadelphia on MLK Day was part of a photo gallery on whyy.org.

  • Schadenfreude: Why We Enjoy Other People’s Misery

    Cathy Chambliss, a professor of psychology, was quoted in a story published by ?Medical Daily?.

  • In Philly galleries, three must-see shows for December

    Das Meisterstück (The Masterpiece), a current Berman Museum exhibition, was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer as one of three must-see shows in December. 

  • 3 ways Facebook and other social media companies could clean up their acts – if they wanted to

    Tony Nadler, an associate professor of media and communications studies, co-authored an article on what Facebook, Google, and other platforms could do to stop social media manipulation.

  • Iconic Manhattan sculpture finds a new home in Collegeville, Pa.

    A story about the ?Cubed Curve ?sculpture on the Ursinus campus appeared online and aired on WHYY-FM. 

  • Conservatives trust conservative media. Here’s why.

    Tony Nadler, an associate professor of media and communication studies, published an article on conservative media in the Columbia Journalism Review.

  • Chester County teen who had brain surgery as child studying neuroscience to help others

    When she was 9 years old, Renee Butler ’21 had surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to remove a arteriovenous malformation (AVM) in her brain, which caused a stroke. It inspired her to study neuroscience at Ursinus. Her story appeared on Fox29 and the interview took place in the Innovation and Discovery Center. 

  • Ursinus dedicates new $29 million science center

    A story about the dedication of the Innovation and Discovery Center appeared in the ?Pottstown Mercury?.

  • Asking Essential Questions at Ursinus

    An article in Inside Higher Ed focuses on how the college is doubling down on its liberal arts mission with the four core questions: What should matter to me? How should we live together? How can we understand the world? And what will I do?

  • How will Brexit shape conflict resolution between the UK and other European countries?

    The London School of Economics published a blog post by Johannes Karreth, an assistant professor of politics and international relations at Ursinus, to its Brexit blog. 

  • Ursinus College to debut new ‘front door’ to campus in 2019

    A story about the new Ursinus Commons appeared online in The Mercury?.

  • Ursinus adds building to its campus

    The Philadelphia Business Journal reported on the construction of the new Commons in an online article. (Note: A subscription is required to view the story). 

  • Ursinus College announces new scholarship program

    A story about the new Abele Foundation Scholars Award appeared in ?The Phoenix Reporter & Item?.

  • Why the ‘Full House’ house calls to its fans (and annoys rich neighbors)

    Alice Leppert, an assistant professor of media and communication studies, is quoted in a San Francisco Chronicle article about why the ?Full House ?TV sitcom home attracts tourists.

  • Tow Center announces new research fellows in digital journalism

    Tony Nadler, an assistant professor of media and communications studies, appears in a story announcing the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia Journalism School’s new cohort of Knight News Innovation Fellows. 

  • Several Colleges Already Teach the ‘Big Questions of Life’

    An op-ed that appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education referenced Ursinus’s Common Intellectual Experience and the four questions of the core curriculum.

  • Letting General Education Lead the Way: A Case Study from Ursinus College’s New Core Curriculum

    Mark Schneider, vice president of academic affairs and dean of the college, penned an op-ed about the core curriculum that was published in The ACAD Leader?, ?the newsletter of the American Conference of Academic Deans.

  • Listening is not enough: Mistrust and local news in urban and suburban Philly

    Tony Nadler, an assistant professor of media and communication studies, published a report on trust and mistrust in news in the Philly metro area in the Columbia Journalism Review.

  • Facebook and Google Must Ban Ads from Dark Money Groups

    Tony Nadler, an assistant professor of media and communication studies, published an op-ed in Wired calling on Facebook, Google and other digital companies to ban dark money political groups from their platforms.

  • Philly Disability Day of Mourning a step toward honoring those killed by caregivers

    Jennifer Stevenson, an assistant professor of psychology, was quoted in a story on whyy.org for organizing a vigil for the nationwide Disability Day of Mourning. 

  • Ursinus College and Villanova University join forces to offer nursing degree option

    An article in ?The Times Herald? details Ursinus’s new affiliation agreement with Villanova University’s M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing.

  • Area Disabilities Expert Bound For Super Bowl LII

    A story about Shammah Bermudez, director of disability services, appeared in The Sanatoga Post detailing his involvement with the access team at the Super Bowl.

  • Dream Drives: Quiet Beauty At Berman Museum Of Art

    The Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art was featured in the CBS-3 morning news segment “Dream Drives.” Charlie Stainback, Berman Museum director, was interviewed. 

  • Zach Quattro The ‘Ultimate Shot Maker’ For Ursinus

    The men’s basketball team and Zach Quattro ’18 were featured in a story that aired on KYW-AM and appears online. 

  • Artists cast a cool eye on the places we make

    A review of ?Real Estate: Dwelling in Contemporary Art?, an exhibition at the Berman Museum, appeared on Philly.com and in ?The ?Philadelphia Inquirer?.

  • How Hate Groups are Hijacking Medieval Symbols While Ignoring the Facts Behind Them

    Susanna A. Throop, an associate professor of history, was interviewed for a history.com article on the usage of medieval iconography among modern hate groups. 

  • Colleges combat food waste through innovation, dedicated buy-in

    Kate Keppen, director of sustainability, was quoted in an educationdive.com article about Ursinus’s efforts to reduce food waste. 

  • Heart disease kills firefighters. This one is also a scientist, and she is fighting back.

    Deborah Feairheller, director of the Ursinus HEART Lab and an assistant professor of health and exercise physiology, is featured in a ?Philadelphia Inquirer ?story profiling her research on firefighters and blood pressure. 

  • Ursinus sociologist appears on late night talk show

    Margee Kerr, a lecturer in sociology, appeared on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee during a segment on the late night news satire program. Kerr’s research focuses on fear. 

  • Fenty Beauty, Dove and colorism in the cosmetics industry

    Jasmine Harris, an assistant professor of sociology, appeared on Minnesota Public Radio and was interviewed about colorism in the cosmetics industry. 

  • Ursinus Bears Savoring 3-0 Start

    A story about the Ursinus football team aired on KYW-AM and was published online and included interviews with players Thomas Garlick and Stacey Gardner. 

  • Ursinus Jewish Star Exhibit a Portrait of Life Then and Now

    ?The Jewish Exponent? highlighted ?Scene/Unseen?, a campus-wide public photo exhibition, in a feature story published in print and online. 

  • Fall’s 13 must-see art exhibits - both indoors and outside

    The Philadelphia Inquirer ?included ?Real Estate?, a new exhibition at the Berman Museum of Art, in its fall arts preview. 

  • Is It Time To Ditch The Autism Puzzle Piece?

    A paper co-authored by Jennifer Stevenson, an assistant professor of psychology, was cited in an article on ?Disability Scoop?, the nation’s largest news organization devoted to covering developmental disabilities.

  • Ursinus professor discusses book on New Books Network podcast

    New Books Network’s “New Books in Sound Studies” podcast channel published an author-interview podcast featuring Jennifer Fleeger, an associate professor of media and communication studies and film studies coordinator, about her book, Mismatched Women: The Siren’s Song Through the Machine.

  • Move-in day begins for Ursinus College class of 2021

    A photo gallery appeared in an online Pottstown Mercury photo gallery featuring first-year Ursinus students moving into their residence halls. 

  • College Football Preview: Ursinus College Bears

    A feature previewing the Ursinus football team aired on KYW-AM and appeared online. 

  • Listen Up

    When two college presidents with multiple similarities and differences sat down to talk, one thing became clear: what matters most is the experience of listening across those differences.

  • Public Intellectuals vs. Thought Leaders

    In a book review for Inside Higher Ed, professor of politics Jonathan Marks explores the different attributes of thought leaders and public intellectuals. Marks was reviewing The Ideas Industry by Daniel Drezner.

  • Professor Comments on Free Speech Controversy

    Jonathan Marks, professor of politics, recently published a commentary in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Marks weighed in on the controversy over an adjunct faculty member at Essex County College who was fired following remarks she made on Fox News.

  • A new push to keep students at Ursinus

    A front-page news story in The Philadelphia Inquirer featured the new Ursinus Institute for Student Success. Included are interviews with President Brock Blomberg, Assistant Dean of Students Missy Bryant, Vice President and Dean of Enrollment Management Dave Tobias, and several students. 

  • Carter Usowski Savoring Time On Diamond For Ursinus

    An interview with Ursinus baseball standout Carter Usowski ’19 aired on KYW-AM and appeared online. 

  • Ursinus’ Corey Kelly Shares Inspiring Off-Field Battle

    A story about Ursinus College football and lacrosse player Corey Kelly’s battle with a rare condition aired on WPVI-TV (6ABC) and included interviews with Kelly and men’s lacrosse coach Jamie Steele.

  • Northampton resident, Ursinus College student wins fellowship to pursue doctorate

    An article featuring Jenna Pellegrino ’17, who earned an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, appeared in the Bucks County Courier Times. Subscription required.

  • Ursinus College hosts Holocaust survivor, liberator at remembrance program

    A story about a Holocaust remembrance program hosted by Ursinus College appeared in the Pottstown Mercury

  • Ursinus College is building a new science facility on campus

    An article about the Innovation and Discovery Center appeared in the? Philadelphia Business Journal. Subscription required.

  • Ursinus College hosts Montgomery County Science Research Competition

    Nearly 500 middle and high school students participated in the 60th Montgomery County Science Research Competition at Ursinus.

  • The Roots of Schadenfreude: Why We Take Pleasure in Other People’s Pain

    Research by Cathy Chambliss, a professor of psychology, was cited in this feature article in U.S. News and World Report?.

  • Ursinus College science center project underway

    An article about construction of the Innovation and Discovery Center was published in print and online in The Times Herald.

  • Four Philosophy Journals Laud Romano’s “America the Philosophical”

    America the Philosophical, the widely-reviewed 672-page book published in 2012 by Carlin Romano, a professor of philosophy and humanities, is currently being featured in four leading journals: Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce SocietyExistenzContemporary Pragmatism; and the European Journal of Pragmatism and American Philosophy, which calls the book “a courageous work that fully belongs to the pragmatist tradition.” 

  • New Hope’s Toni Suler Records First Triple Double In Ursinus History

    An interview with Ursinus College freshman women’s basketball player Toni Suler, who recorded the first triple double in program history, aired on KYW-AM and appeared online.

  • The Key To Winning The Super Bowl: Looking Good Out There?

    The face symmetry research of Jennifer VanGilder, an associate professor of business and economics, was cited in a ?Huffington Post article on if the attractiveness of NFL quarterbacks predicts Super Bowl winners. 

  • Ursinus students curate first art exhibit

    A story about Ursinus’s new museum studies minor and the students curating a new exhibition at the Berman Museum of Art appeared in ?Ticket, an entertainment insert included in multiple Montgomery County publications.

  • Art galleries: Anthropocene art

    The Berman Museum exhibition A Stratigraphic Fiction was featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer and on Philly.com.

  • College campus groundbreakings

    University Business reported on the groundbreaking of the Innovation and Discovery Center in the January 2017 issue.

  • NASA’s Curiosity Rover Finds Boron Under Ancient Martian Lakebed

    Patrick Gasda ’07, a postdoctoral research fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, is leading a team that recently found boron on Mars. The story was reported on Forbes.com.

  • Strong Start For Division III Ursinus Hoops

    A feature highlighting the Ursinus College men’s basketball team aired on KYW-AM and was published on cbslocal.com

  • Welcome to the Trust Lab

    President Brock Blomberg authored a blog post about trust on huffingtonpost.com.

  • Ursinus professor says women are pivotal in this presidential election

    Rebecca Evans, an associate professor of politics, provides expertise on gender and politics as they relate to the 2016 presidential election in a story that appeared in the Sunday edition of the ?Pottstown Mercury?.

  • Ursinus professor says influence of the press as fact-checkers is waning

    Tony Nadler, assistant professor of media and communications studies, discusses the role of the news media in the 2016 presidential election in a story that appeared in the Sunday edition of the Pottstown Mercury?.

  • Tips for College Visits

    A feature story that aired on WHTM-TV ABC27 news focused on college visit tips for high school students and included an interview with Dave Tobias, vice president for enrollment at Ursinus College. 

  • What Happens to Students Who Back Out of Early Decision Offers

    Dave Tobias, vice president for enrollment, was quoted in a U.S. News and World Report ?story about early decision commitments.

  • Ursinus College Breaks Ground on Innovation and Discovery Center

    Coverage of the groundbreaking ceremony for the Innovation and Discovery Center appeared on Action News on WPVI-TV. 

  • Ursinus College to break ground on science center

    ?The Times Herald reported on the groundbreaking of the new Innovation and Discovery Center in an article that included quotes from President Brock Blomberg and April Edwards, interim vice president for academic affairs and interim dean. 

  • A New Guide To Holocaust Plays By & About Women

    Meghan Brodie ’00, an assistant professor of theater, was quoted in an article about women’s plays about the Holocaust that appeared on womenarts.org.

  • For Ursinus students, Philadelphia is a living textbook

    The Philadelphia Experience program was featured in a Philadelphia Inquirer story that included interviews with Ursinus faculty and students.  

  • President Brock Blomberg on Smart Talk

    President Brock Blomberg discussed the liberal arts, the Ursinus College Gateway Scholarship, the Philadelphia Experience, and more during a live studio interview on WITF-FM’s Smart Talk radio program.

  • Cutting the cost of higher education in half

    A news feature profiling the Gateway Scholarship aired on WHTM-TV ABC27 during the 5 p.m. newscast on Sept. 21 and featured an interview with Dave Tobias, vice president for enrollment, and scenic shots of the Ursinus campus.

  • Financial aid gets a fast forward in college admissions process

    Dave Tobias, vice president for enrollment, was interviewed for a Philly.com blog post about changes in filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

  • Coddled on Campus

    Jonathan Marks, a professor of politics, penned an op-ed that appeared in the Wall Street Journal?. 

  • Ursinus Opens 2016 Football Season At Bethany

    A story previewing the Ursinus football team’s 2016 season aired on KYW-AM and appeared on cbslocal.com. 

  • The Anthropocene becomes art: Digging the future out of the present

    Broad Street Review published a preview of “A Stratigraphic Fiction,” the newest exhibit at the Berman Museum.

  • Ursinus Makes Offer To Students That’s Hard To Refuse

    Vice President for Enrollment Dave Tobias was interviewed for a story on the Gateway Scholarship that aired on KYW-AM and appeared on cbslocal.com.

  • Roommates regardless of gender

    Sarah Gow ’18 discusses gender-inclusive housing at Ursinus in a story published in the ?Philadelphia Gay News.

  • Ursinus targets more financial aid to high-achieving students

    The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on the new Gateway Scholarship, which will offer $30,000 per year for four years to eligible students and will be open to first-year full-time students for fall 2017.

  • Investor’s Guide To College Admissions: 10 Undervalued ‘Buys’

    Forbes cited Ursinus College as a “hot college in the making” in an online article.

  • Election 2016: Clinton, Trump bring out strong opinions as the presidential race heats up

    Gerard Fitzpatrick, a professor of politics at Ursinus College, provided his expertise on the divisive 2016 presidential candidates in a ?Pottstown Mercury ?story.

  • Finding the Right College

    David Tobias, vice president for enrollment at Ursinus College, gives prospective college students some tips on the college search process on ABC 27’s Good Day PA.

  • Pair Of Ursinus Students Have Summer Job That Is Out Of This World

    Ethan Haldeman ’18 and Veronica Sanford ’17 were interviewed about their summer research examining Martian rocks by KYW-AM. 

  • Businesses Partner with Ursinus College for Summer Help

    The Times Herald featured the summer Business Assist program, in which students help area businesses develop marketing plans.

  • Marks Book Review in Wall Street Journal

    Professor of Politics Jonathan Marks published a book review in the Wall Street Journal. In the article, “Elephants on the Quad,” Marks reviewed Passing on the Right: Conservative Professors in the Progressive University. The book by Jon A. Shields and Joshua M. Dunn Sr. is a study of right-leaning humanities and social science professors.

  • “Rare Bird” Exhibit in Inquirer

    The Philadelphia Inquirer reviewed “Rare Bird: John James Audubon and Contemporary Art,” an exhibition at the Berman Museum that pairs Audubon’s prints with the works of nine contemporary artists.

  • Entrepreneur Appointment Noted

    Maureen Cumpstone’s appointment as entrepreneur-in-residence was noted in the “Business People on the Move” column in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

  • Norovirus Outbreaks at Colleges

    In a roundup of recent illnesses at college and university campuses, Inside Higher Ed featured Ursinus’s recent norovirus outbreak. The article mentioned that “students maintained relatively good cheer under the circumstances, organizing themselves under the hashtag #ursinusplague.”

    Philadelphia Magazine also wrote about contagious diseases on campuses and noted “how plucky Ursinus soldiered through its ordeal.”

  • Romano Essay in Chronicle

    Philosophy professor Carlin Romano shared his thoughts on Umberto Eco, the Italian literary and cultural figure who died on Feb. 19. Romano recalled meeting Eco in 1988 and talked about his experiences with the author during Romano’s time as the literary critic of The Philadelphia Inquirer.

  • Alumna Profiled in Al Jazeera America

    Alumna Carolina Contreras was profiled in Al Jazeera America for her efforts to teach Afro-Latin women to embrace their natural curls.Contreras opened the Miss Rizos salon in December 2014 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

  • Berman Exhibit Featured

    The Berman Museum’s “Rare Birds” exhibit was featured on WFMZ-TV News as part of its “One Tank Trip” feature. The Allentown station highlights interesting places to visit within driving distance.

  • Faculty Research in Sports Illustrated

    An article in Sports Illustrated about the attractiveness of NFL quarterbacks cites research by Jennifer VanGilder, associate professor of Business and Economics.

  • Main Street Changes

    A story on NBC10 in Philadelphia talked about changes on Main Street in Collegeville following the death of an Ursinus student in December.

  • Theater Professor Writes about Sensitive Students

    In an essay in Inside Higher Ed, Domenick Scudera argues that while we shouldn’t shield students from challenging discussions or material, we should teach them how to gain strength.

  • Entrepreneur-in-Residence Appointed

    The Mercury noted Maureen Cumpstone’s appointment as entrepreneur-in-residence at Ursinus.

  • Students Help Local Youth Center

    An article in The Mercury featured students from Ursinus and Montgomery County Community Colleges as they lent a hand at a new youth achievement centerduring an afternoon of service on MLK Day.

  • Bish Research on Concussions

    Research into concussions and youth sports by Dr. Joel Bish, Associate Professor of Psychology, was featured in a story by WBTV, the CBS affiliate in Charlotte, NC.

  • Bears Play at Palestra

    The Philadelphia Inquirer covered the Ursinus men’s basketball game at the Palestra against the University of Pennsylvania, coached by alumnus Steve Donahue ’84. The Division III Bears tied the Division I Quakers at halftime but eventually fell 73-66.

  • Berman Exhibits Reviewed

    The Philadelphia Inquirer gave a favorable review of “two terrific shows” at the Berman Museum of Art.

  • Alumnus, Penn Coach Interviewed

    The Philadelphia Daily News interviews Steve Donahue ’84, men’s basketball coach at the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Story on New Transfer Agreement

    The Philadelphia Inquirer reports on the new transfer agreement between Ursinus and Montgomery County Community College.

  • Faculty Research Featured on Nationally Syndicated Radio Show

    Neuroscience faculty and Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Joel Bish has been studying the long-term effects of concussions for the last six years. On December 8, Bish spoke with Phil Hulett, host of the nationally syndicated radio program Phil Hulett and Friends, based in Los Angeles. Like many youth athletes, Hulett suffered quite a few concussions during his earlier sport-playing years. He begins his interview with Bish by asking what happens when “you get your eggs scrambled.”

  • Messiah Performance Previewed in The Mercury

    An article in The Mercury previewed the upcoming performances of George Frideric Handel’s “Messiah,” a winter tradition at Ursinus College.

  • Scudera Essay in CHE

    Professor of Theater Domenick Scudera discusses being a professor and a drag queen in an essay for The Chronicle of Higher Education.

  • Jennifer Fleeger Publishes Essay in Online Cultural Journal

    Dr. Fleeger, assistant professor of Media and Communication Studies, writes on mourning and the children’s film in Avidly, a website from the Los Angeles Review of Books.

  • ‘Aftermath’ is Previewed

    Aftermath: Photographs by Joel Meyerowitz, at the Berman Museum of Art, takes viewers back to the traumatic days, weeks, and months that followed the harrowing events of September 11, 2001. It received press coverage in the fall preview of Inquirer exhibitions of note; in the national Art Daily, in Ticket Entertainment which is a supplement in regional publications, and is other media.

  • Teaching ‘Fun Home’ in CIE

    The graphic memoir Fun Home by Alison Bechdel is now a Tony Award-winning musical on Broadway, but the book was recently the subject of controversy at Duke university where it was recommended summer reading. In Inside Higher Ed, a higher education online newsmagazine, Professor of Theater Domenick Scudera looks at his positive experience teaching it as part of the Common Intellectual Experience, where it is required reading.

  • Deacle Gives Views on the Housing Market

    The personal finance web site Wallethub.com recently included Ursinus Assistant Professor of Business and Economics Scott Deacle on a panel of experts commenting on the state of the U.S. housing market. In the article Deacle gives his views on whether now is a good time to buy a house, whether foreign buyers are having a large impact on the U.S. housing market, and barriers to millenials entering the housing market. 

  • Student’s Rail Idea MakesTracks

    Chris Hoops’ enthusiasm for a passenger rail line in the area was captured by local newspapers. Hoops wants to reactivate the currently out-of-service Phoenixville Industrial Track freight railroad line running from Phoenixville to Paoli for passenger use. He promoted this idea in the spring U-Imagine Bear Innovation competition.

  • Former Drew President Cites CIE

    Robert Weisbuch, a former president of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation and of Drew University, who now leads Robert Weisbuch and Associates, a consultancy for liberal-arts colleges and universities, recently cited the Ursinus Common Intellectual Experience in an essay about how colleges can compete for students “with dignity” by promoting great ideas. He observed at Ursinus: “the faculty and students were so stimulated by engaging in something fresh and uncompromised. It was itself a Big Idea.”


  • Tice Exhibition Featured

    The current Berman Museum of Art exhibition, George Tice: Seldom Seen and BigPlatinums, was reviewed by art writer Edith Newhall in the July 26 Philadelphia Inquirer. She wrote that “Tice’s images stand out, not because they are familiar … or larger than his lesser-known pictures, but because they hone in and isolate their subjects much the way portraits of human subjects do, drawing attention to their myriad details, while also conferring a sense of grandeur to the everyday.”

  • Food Safety Event Raises Ursinus Profile

    Ursinus students joined experts and policymakers in April to explore the challenges posed by food safety issues. The conference, co-sponsored by the Institute on Science for Global Policy (ISGP), and Sigma Xi, is the subject of news coverage in the American Scientist, Sigma Xi’s magazine. Anthony Lobo, associate professor of biology, and Aubrey Paris, ’15, who is headed to Princeton University, and was a senior fellow for ISGP, were interviewed with their counterparts from Eckerd College, where a conference was also held. Video interviews are also on the Sigma Xi web site.


  • Berman in Prestigious Art Daily

    Art Daily covers exhibitions all over the world, including the Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art on the Ursinus Campus.  Among listing exhibitions in London, Vienna, Paris and all over the U.S., the online newsletter notes the George Tice photography exhibition: Seldom Seen and Big Platinum, at the Berman until Sept. 6.

  • Art of Sarah Kaufman Featured by HP Blogger Jack Meyer

    Recent Graduate Jack Meyer, a Huffington Post blogger, has written his latest column about the art of Sarah Kaufman, visiting assistant professor of art and photography. Jack graduated with honors in art history. He also majored in American Studies. 

  • Romano Publishes Chronicle Essay; Lectures at University College, Dublin

    Ursinus Professor of Philosophy and Humanities Carlin Romano, who is also Critic-at-Large of The Chronicle of Higher Education, published an essay, “Whatever Happened to Surrender?” in the June 1 issue on the history of surrender, explaining why that traditional way of ending military conflicts seems to have come to an end.

    In early June, Romano also lectured at this year’s “Summer Institute in American Philosophy,” an annual gathering of international scholars in American philosophy for which he served as keynote speaker last year. At this summer’s event, held for the first time outside the United States at University College, Dublin, Romano spoke on “Pragmatism in China,” and also participated in a public plenary conversation with the distinguished Harvard philosopher Hilary Putnam. 

  • Basketball Coach on KYW

    Margaret White, new head women’s basketball coach, was featured on CBS-KYW newsradio. Taking over the program following the retirement of Jim Buckley, Margaret has played for the Centennial Conference, at Gettysburg College. 

  • Huffington Post Features Commencement

    Commencement speaker Suzanne Fong’s address to graduates was featured in The Huffington Post May 22. Higher education editor Tyler Kingkade wrote that Mrs. Fong took the opportunity to remind the graduates about resilience. It links to the speech.

  • Ursinus Commencement in the News

    The 142nd Ursinus College Commencement was featured in the Norristown-based Times Herald, the Pottstown Mercury, the North Penn Reporter, The West Chester Daily Local and Delaware County Times, as well as the associated social media. Channel 6- ABC news, covered the ceremony as well, for its evening newscast.


  • Commencement Honors for Fongs Noted

    Ursinus Commencement honors to the late Bobby Fong and to Suzanne Fong are noted in the Philadelphia Inquirer blog, Campus Inq. The blog has been shared on social media.

    The story explains that Bobby and Suzanne Fong are to receive honorary bachelor’s degrees and “graduate” with the Class of 2015, which was the first class for whom Bobby Fong served as president.

  • National Coverage of Blomberg Announcement

    National media covered the introduction of Brock Blomberg as the 17th president of Ursinus College: an estimated 250 hits in publications and web sites in locations from coast to coast such as Altoona, Pa., Reno, Nev., Yahoo, Bloomberg News, Military Technologies, Fresno Bee, NBC-Augusta, Reuters, Dallas Morning News, Lancaster Online, Doylestown Pa. Intelligencer, Long Beach and Monterey, Calif., San Francisco Chronicle, Fresno Bee, San Jose Mercury News, Market Watch, Boston.com and many national business journals. 

    Locally, The Philadelphia Inquirer, philly.com, The Philadelphia Business Journal, KYW Radio, 6 ABC News, the Times Herald, Pottstown Mercury and North Penn Reporter, were among those reporting the event. See some of the links below. 

  • Dance Concert is Philly Event Pick

    The Ursinus College Dance Company spring concert is a selection in the philly.com blog, Weekend Event Picks. It is a selection from venerable Inquirer culture reporter Michael Harrington. 

  • KYW, Others Cite NSF STEM Grant

    News of a National Science Foundation grant was covered by The Pottstown Mercury, The Times-Herald, Pennsylvania Agriculture, and other media. Associate Dean and Professor of Biology Rebecca Kohn was interviewed by KYW-Radio.

  • Food Conference Gains Visibility

    A conference held at Ursinus, Safeguarding the American Food Supply, was promoted in many regional and agricultural web sites and publications, such as Philadelphia Business Journal and 190 web sites across the country. The conference is sponsored by the Institute on Science for Global Policy, Sigma Xi, and Ursinus’s Center for Science and the Common Good.

  • Heart Lab Study With Athletes, Firefighters, Revisited

    The Mercury, based in Pottstown, Pa., revisited a study it featured last summer done by the Ursinus Heart Lab (Hypertension and Endothelial function with Aerobic and Resistance Training). This article describes how Heart Lab Director Deborah Feairheller and students are studying why blood pressure inceases when firefighters carrying gear do their jobs, and what interventions are possible. This study is comparing those results with the same tests on Ursinus athletes wearing game gear.


  • Re-branding ‘Bovinus College’ Captured in April Fool’s Round-Up

    The online higher education site Inside Higher Ed featured the Ursinus Communications Office’s April Fool’s joke: a name change to Bovinus College. The “fake news” round-up in the publication quoted Web Director Paul Dempsey explaining the name change and announcing the ‘new’ athletic team: the Fighting Heifers.

  • Writer Delbanco Again Cites Ursinus

    Scholar and author Andrew Delbanco again points out that Ursinus is a college to be noticed.

    In a March 22 New York Times book review of columnist Frank Bruni’s new book, Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be, reviewer Delbanco writes that he has met wonderful students at colleges like Ursinus. 

    Delbanco is no stranger to Ursinus. In his own book, College: What It Was, Is, and Should Be, Delbanco states that Ursinus fosters collaborative teaching with its Common Intellectual Experience seminars, and also mentioned Ursinus in a WHYY radio interview in 2012.

    In the Sept. 30, 2007 issue of the New York Times Sunday Magazine, he wrote, “Some signs suggest that higher education is waking up to its higher obligations. There is more and more interest in teaching great books that provoke students to think about justice and responsibility and how to live a meaningful life … respected smaller institutions like Ursinus College in Pennsylvania have built their own core curriculums around major works of philosophy and literature.”

    Delbanco, who was Ursinus’s 2010 commencement speaker, delivered a lecture on Lincoln’s birthday in 2009 in the Lenfest Theater, “Lincoln’s Reflective Statesmanship,” which was sponsored by The Jack Miller Center for Teaching. He is Director of American Studies at Columbia University and has been Columbia’s Julian Clarence Levi Professor in the Humanities since 1995. 


  • Commencement Speaker Noted

    The 2015 Ursinus Commencement speaker, Suzanne Fong, is noted in Inside Higher Ed’s annual list of speakers.

  • Spotlight on Civil Rights Trip

    The 10th year anniversary student trip of civil rights sites and conversations with civil rights leaders and activists was featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer March 13. The trip is part of the class Religion and Civil Rights, taught by Rev. Charles Rice, College Chaplain and professor in the Philosophy and Religious Studies department.

  • WGAL: UC gymnast rebounds from injury

    WGAL in Lancaster County offers video on Ursinus gymnast Kaelin Ruoss, who is first in the country in the latest Division III rankings. The Lancaster County freshman has rebounded from serious injury during the year and looks towards the future. . 

  • WHYY and Philadelphia Tribune Feature Keita

    Visiting Professor of English M. Nzadi Keita is featured by WHYY in Newsworks, the week of March 10. Earlier, she was interviewed by the Philadelphia Tribune Newspaper, both articles about her new book, “Brief Evidence of Heaven.” The book is an original collection of poetry inspired by Anna Murray Douglass, wife of abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Keita was featured on the Ursinus web site as well.

  • ‘Simple Servings’ is Feast for Philly Blog

    Ursinus Dining Services (Sodexo) Simple Servings Station was featured in Gluten Free Philly, a web site devoted to healthy gluten free options. According to the article, more area schools than ever are offering students on-campus gluten-free programs and have dedicated on-site dietitians that can help students address health and medical dietary needs.

  • Jon Volkmer Traces Path to His Vocation

    Professor of English Jon Volkmer writes in  a March 2 Chronicle of Higher Education essay, “My Vocation,” that poetry and literature pointed a young student with little direction to his chosen field. He wonders if his own visceral reaction to poetry and literature might ignite a similar passion for the written word in another young student. 

  • Media Explore Berman Museum Exhibitions

    The Berman Museum exhibition Under Color of Law is the lead featured recommendation in the philly.com blog, “In the Galleries: Art Picks for February.” Also, Ticket Entertainment of Montgomery Newspapers has featured Under Color of Law exhibition curated by Ginny Kollak. The article portrays the show as one responsive to students’ feelings following several national events.

    Both Under Color of Law and Museum Studies are featured in the West Chester Daily Local.

  • KYW: Men’s Basketball Shows “Remarkable Turnaround”

    Men’s basketball upsetting the fourth-ranked team in the nation (Dickinson) in a 53-50 win. News media picked up on this feat, including KYW, which featured the Bears, calling the game “the latest chapter in a remarkable turnaround story.”  Listen to Matt Leon’s interview with coach Kevin Small.

  • Berman Part of WHYY’s ‘Things to Do’

    The Berman Museum’s new exhibition, Under Color of Law, is featured in the WHYY weekly Entertainment Guide.

  • UC Stars in How to Get Away With Murder Promo

    Washington D.C. reporter Jummy Olabanji came to Ursinus last December and filmed a piece on the making of hit television show “How to Get Away with Murder” which stars Viola Davis on Thursday nights. The piece, starring our own Assistant Director of Leadership Development and Student Activities Angie Cuva and two students aired Feb. 6, 2015.

  • Berman Featured in Spring Arts Preview

    The Berman Museum’s exhibition Museum Studies is recommended viewing in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s spring arts preview, compiled by art critic Thomas Hine. 

  • Application increase cited

    Ursinus Vice President for Enrollment  Richard DiFeliciantonio is quoted in an Inquirer article on increasing the percentage of accepted students who enroll at colleges.

  • History Professor Lends Expertise

    Professor Dallett Hemphill was featured in an ABC series on the history of Philadelphia, and is a consultant for a forthcoming documentary on the women of historic Philadelphia. Read about her role and her upcoming class on Philadelphia on the Ursinus News site.

  • Berman: “serious destination for contemporary art.”

    A Dec. 28 Philadelphia Inquirer review of the Good Neighbors show at the Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art calls the show “fresh and provocative,” a show that “captures the diversity of Philadelphia’s art scene.” The article introduces Director Charles Stainback and Curator Ginny Kollak and their role in making the Berman “a serious destination for contemporary art.”

  • Sustainability Staff on Local Radio

    WNPV Radio in the North Penn and Lansdale area hosted Brandon Hoover, Ursinus Sustainability Program Coordinator, and Shannon Spencer, Campus Sustainability Planner. They described the role of sustainability on the Ursinus campus, noting student initiatives such as the Bike Share Program and Organic Farm, community partnerships and the Environmental Studies department. Students, they noted, want to put what they learn in class into practice, and see the campus as a “living, learning laboratory.”

  • 77th Year Messiah Concerts Featured

    The 77th year performances of Handel’s Messiah are featured in The Mercury and North Penn Reporter newspapers, as well as in Ticket, an entertainment supplement in nine Montgomery Media newspapers. Interviewees include a current student singer and an alumna singer. John French conducts the Meistersingers and College Choir. The Messiah was featured in the philly.com blog, #PhillyFive Things to Do. 

  • Financial Aid Tips from Ursinus

    NerdWallet, a financial information web site, features student financial aid advice from Suzanne Sparrow, director of scholarships and financial Aid at Ursinus. She offers helpful tips to students applying for financial aid. The web site stories are picked up by national media outlets. 

  • Professor of the Year Cited

    News of Professor Richard L. Wallace’s being named Pennsylvania Professor of the year was carried by www.philly.com and Wallace was congratulated online by @talentGPhilly (Talent Greater Philly), @CASEadvance (Council for Advancement and Support of Education), @SCB_SSWG (Society for Conservation Biology’s Social Science Working Group) and more!

  • Media Notes Interim President News

    News of the Board of Trustees’ appointment of Dean and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Lucien T. Winegar as Interim President was published in The Chronicle of Higher Education, and throughout the Philadelphia region. Media which covered the appointment included The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Philadelphia Business Journal and local media. Winegar was congratulated on social media by several organizations. 

  • Media Welcomes ‘Good Neighbors’

    The Berman Museum’s current exhibition, Good Neighbors, was highlighted in  are newspapers, including the arts supplement, Ticket, and The Broad Street Review.The exhibition features 11 artists working in Philadelphia, three of whom are on the Ursinus art faculty. The exhibition runs through Jan. 11.

  • Philly Papers Feature Coach Mullen

    Dan Mullen, 1994, head coach of the #1 ranked Mississippi State football team, was featured in two stories: one on the Philadelphia Daily News sports cover; the other on the Philadelphia Inquirer front page. Each story shows Mullen’s connection to Ursinus, playing on the football team. He says, “In my mind, it’s always sunny and pleasant at Ursinus. It’s where I belonged, where I wanted to be. I’d never trade it for a second…..”

  • Career Advice in Choice Blog

    Carla Rinde, Director of the Office of Career and Professional Development, was quoted on advice to first-year students for whom careers may seem in the distant future. One post is ont he benefits of shadowing and internship experiences. A second post notes the importance of early networking. The blog helps students and families with information on how to choose a college.

  • ABC-6 Covers TV Party

    A pilot party for the ABC-TV premiere of “How to Get Away With Murder” was the subject of Philadelphia news coverage. WPVI Channel 6 covered the event in Olin Auditorium that celebrated the filming of the show in that very space. Some of the stars tweeted to Ursinus, and students who were extras in the show enjoyed their own “stars.” The red carpet added to the festivities.

  • Ursinus Noted as Site for TV Show

    Philadelphia Inquirer TV critic Dave Hiltbrand notes that the new ABC series How to Get Away with Murder was filmed partly at Ursinus College last spring.Produced by Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, the show premieres Thursday, Sept. 25. Students are planning to celebrate at a pilot party, complete with red carpet and other treats.

  • Environmental Studies Professor on Radio Times

    Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Patrick Hurley was a guest Sept. 19 on WHYY’s Radio Times. His spoke on his research topic, urban foraging. As the practice of foraging increases in U.S. cities, many parks managers are working to better understand the practice and the implications it has for policy, management decisions, and what this practice means for people living in the cities and parks where they work. An article from Hurley’s collaborative research on urban foraging was published this past spring in the journal Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability.  In the article titled “Gathering ‘wild’ food in the city,” Dr. Hurley and coauthors explore the role of wild plant harvesting in U.S. cities in rethinking environmental management policy toward the urban forest.

  • Professor Discusses Urban Foraging on WHYY

    Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Patrick Hurley was a guest Sept. 19 on WHYY’s Radio Times. His spoke with guest host Mary Cummings-Jordan on his research topic, foraging for food in urban settings. Radio Times, an interview program that examines regional, national, and international issues, is produced locally by WHYY, Philadelphia’s public radio station.

  • Professor Takes on Semantics in Chronicle of Higher Ed

    Carlin Romano, critic at large for The Chronicle Review and a professor of philosophy and humanities, writes in The Chronicle about the political science terms revanchism and irredentism, and what they mean in light of news about the eastern Ukraine. Romano is a Guggenheim Fellow and a distinguished visiting scholar at the Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies at Peking University. He is the author of America the Philosophical (Vintage, 2013).

  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love CIE

    Professor of English Jon Volkmer writes in The Chronicle of Higher Education (Sept. 15) that teaching and helping to direct the course, The Common Intellectual Experience, has taught him that the works and the students make the challenges worthwhile. “Big-Ideas Courses Are Lessons in Humility” is password protected at the Chronicle web site. 

  • UC Cited in New NY Times Ranking

    Ursinus is among the top 50 schools in a new, New York Times rankings project based on our commitment to access. “The Most Economically Diverse Top Colleges” examines  the100 top colleges and universities from across the United States that have four-year graduation rates of 75 percent or higher. Ursinus College is 32nd on this list, between Cornell and Princeton. The editors created a “College Access Index” primarily based on two factors: the share of first-year students who are Pell grant recipients, and the net price of attendance for low- and middle-income families.

    The UpShot column in the New York Times Sept. 8 which unveiled the new ranking, stated that “over the last decade, dozens of colleges have proclaimed that recruiting a more economically diverse student body was a top priority. Many of those colleges have not matched their words with actions. But some have.”


  • Media Notes Politics Panel

    The Polarization in Politics panel discussion Sept. 10 is covered in The Pottstown Mercury, Norristown Times Herald and several other media outlets. Panelists were Alan Novak and TJ Rooney, former chairs of the Pennsylvania Republican party and Democratic party, respectively; and County Commissioners Josh Shapiro, Montgomery County Chair, and Ryan Costello, Chester County Chair. TV producer and communications expert Nell McCormack Abom was moderator.

  • President Fong Featured on CUNY Program

    President Bobby Fong was a featured subject in the news program Asian American Life on City University of New York TV. The cable show is aired in New York City, and can be seen online during the month of September. It was listed in the New York Times television listings Sept. 5. Minnie Roh reports on the “bamboo ceiling” facing Asian-American college presidents in interviews with A. Gabriel Esteban of Seton Hall University and Dr. Fong.

  • Inquirer Op-Ed on City Schools

    Adjunct faculty member Victor Brown recalls an Admission event at which he represented Ursinus as his impetus for writing about what it will take to get Philadelphia city schools on track. Brown, who teaches international business, writes in the Philadelphia Inquirer that long-term needs should be considered.

  • Healthier Hearts for Firefighters

    An Ursinus Professor’s study promoting heart health for firefighters who carry heavy gear into fires was featured on page 3 of The Philadelphia Inquirer July 29. An earlier story in the Pottstown Mercury was picked up by Associated Press and ran in some 30 news outlets around the country, including San Francisco, Connecticut, Charlotte, N.C., Kansas City and Sacramento. Professor Deborah Feairheller runs the HEART (Hypertension and Endothelial function with Aerobic and Resistance Training) Lab, which studies lifestyle effects on heart disease.

  • Watson Fellow Codey Young Profiled

    Recent graduate Codey Young, a 2014 Watson Fellow, was profiled in newspapers in Pottstown, Lansdale and Norristown on his achievements and upcoming year abroad. He is one of only 43 students across the country selected to pursue a year of travel and research on his topic, which will make use of his own poetry to connect with African American artists around the world.

  • Inquirer Highlights New Consortium

    The Philadelphia Inquirer highlighted Ursinus’s participation in the new Pennsylvania Consortium for the Liberal Arts.The Inquirer included a quote from President Bobby Fong about the value of the liberal arts and the potential for collaborative programming.

  • Prof. Marks in Wall Street Journal

    Jonathan Marks, Associate Professor of Politics, authored an essay in The Wall Street Journal June 23, titled, “Presbyterians Join the Anti-Israel Choir.”

    The op-ed is about a resolution passed at a meeting of the church General Assembly divesting its stock in Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola. The resolution claims those companies profit from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.Marks also criticizes the church’s “antipathy for Israel” and its condemnation of Zionism.

  • Commencement Speaker Featured

    Ursinus Commencement speaker, Zanaib Hawa Bangura, leads a feature in The Chronicle of Higher Education on commencement words of wisdom. She is the United Nations secretary-general’s special representative on sexual violence in conflict.Her honorary degree drew a standing ovation at the Ursinus ceremony.

  • Berman Featured in philly.com

    The Berman Museum’s new exhibition, 77 Portraits, leads the philly.com blog, Things to Do Philly. The exhibition opens May 27 and includes works from the Berman’s extensive permanent collection.

  • Dr. Fong’s Huffington Post column

  • Fong Expertise in ‘Diverse Issues’Magazine

    President Bobby Fong is featured in an article in the Diverse Issues in Higher Education May 8 issue. The piece examines the lack of representation of Asian Americans in higher education leadership.