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Open Questions Core Curriculum (Approved for students entering fall 2018)

Summary of Core Requirements

Core Learning Goals

Previous Core Curriculum

Writing Intensive, Oral, and Capstone Learning Goals Adopted by Faculty May 18, 2012

Annual Assessment Process

Academic Department Annual Report

2017-18 report template

2017-18 Handout (now links to website pages)

Academic Support & Admin Dept. Annual Report 

2017-18 report template

2017-18 Guidelines 

Common questions about assessment at Ursinus

Examples of data to support institutional effectiveness

Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Institutional Data

Additional assessment information may be found on the shared drive in the folder “Assessment Resources”

College Assessment Resource Guide

2017-18 Guide

2016-17 Guide 

Current assessment/ survey cycle - please contact the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness prior to any college-wide surveys.