Curriculum Mapping

A course curriculum map is a chart or table that shows where in the curriculum students are progressing toward the major’s learning goals. The purpose of creating a curriculum map is to identify any goals that are not being adequately addressed. It can also help you decide which courses to include when you assess a learning goal.

To create one, list the department’s learning goals across the top of a chart and list the department’s courses down the left side of the chart (or vice versa; the exact formatting doesn’t matter). Indicate that a course gives students opportunities to progress toward any given goal by marking the corresponding box. The most simple curriculum map might look something like this:

Course Goal 1 Goal 2 Goal 3 Goal 4
WRTG 101 X      
WRTG 102   X X  
WRTG 150   X   X
WRTG 200 X X X X
WRTG 205 X     X
WRTG 315   X X  
WRTG 150 X   X X

A somewhat more detailed curriculum map might indicate the level of goal mastery the students will attain as they progress through the major:

Course Goal 1 Goal 2 Goal 3 Goal 4
WRTG 101 B      
WRTG 102   B B  
WRTG 150   I   B
WRTG 200 I I I I
WRTG 205 I     I
WRTG 315   A A  
WRTG 150 A   A A

Key: B = beginning, I = intermediate, A = advanced

More information can be found in Barbara Walvoord’s Assessent Clear and Simple (2010).