Faculty Achievement

Ursinus faculty win prestigious grants and fellowships in their fields, maintain a high level of teaching excellence, and are recognized by their students and colleagues for their achievements.

Faculty Grants and Fellowships

In recent years, Ursinus faculty have been awarded grants from the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Health, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Reacting to the Past Endeavor Grant Consortium, the Pew Fellowship for the Arts, the Pennsylvania Consortium for the Liberal Arts, and the Charles Kaufman Foundation, among many others. 

In addition to other grant-funded projects, the college currently holds a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for the revision of the core curriculum and the development of our first-year advising cohort program. 

Commencement Awards and Awards for First-Year Advising

Every year, faculty are honored at graduation with awards for excellence in teaching, scholarship, and mentorship. Teaching and mentoring awards are based on student nominations, while awards for scholarship are based on nominations from the faculty. Exceptional first-year advisers are honored with an award, based on student nominations, at Ursinus Day of Academic Convocation.

Jones Award

An adviser works in a formal advising capacity, such as first-year advising or major/minor advising. A mentor is a person who offers guidance, support, role-modeling, and advice to another person. Mentoring may include interactions related to class work; independent study, such as honors or Summer Fellows research; laboratory and/or field research; internships/externships; or applications for fellowships and/or other post-graduate work or education. Mentoring may also occur informally through meetings across campus or during office hours. The award will be given as part of the Commencement ceremonies in May. The recipient is nominated by a student, recommended by a committee composed of faculty and administrators which submits a short list to the President, who under the terms established for the award, makes a final selection. The following faculty members are not eligible, having previously received the award: B. Bailey, P. Chlad, R. Evans, J. Everett, K. Goddard, L. Grossbauer, R. Lyczak, M. Mizenko, J. Spencer, R. Wallace, E. Williamsen. 

Lindback/Laughlin Award

For many years Urisnus has recognized faculty members for outstanding teaching by awarding the Distinguished Teaching Award. The award is given, as part of the Commencement ceremonies in May, to a full-time faculty member in recognition of teaching excellence. The recipient is selected from among faculty members nominated by students, and recommended by a faculty committee comprised of previous recipients of the distinguished teaching award. A committee of previous winners will review the nominations and recommend a short list to the President who, under terms established for the award, makes the final selection. The following faculty members are not eligible by virtue of having previously received a distinguished teaching award: B. Bailey, C. Chambliss, J. Clark, J. de Arana, E. Dawley, R. Dawley, D. Engstrom, R. Evans, J. French, S. Goetz, S. Goodman, H. Hubbs, R. Jaroff, A. Lobo, S. Mackler, H. O’Neill, L. Riley, K. Sorensen, V. Tortorelli, J. VanGilder, R. Wallace.

See the story of our 2018 awardees from last May’s Commencement.

Dean’s Report on Faculty and Student Achievement

The annual Dean’s Report documents faculty achievement in  their fields, on campus, and in the community.

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