Academic Standards and Instructional Responsibilities

Matters pertaining to the overall academic program at the College are, in general, the province of the Dean of the College.

A normal teaching load for full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty in an academic year is 18 to 22 hours, or the equivalent, of lecture/discussion courses, laboratory courses, and other scheduled courses and activities such as studio art, dance, theater, and music. Teaching loads are approved by the department chair and the Dean of the College. Reduction in teaching load or release time grants for professional development requires prior approval of the department chair and the Dean.

Every semester, it is the responsibility of faculty members to provide a syllabus to the students and the Dean of the College for each course that the faculty member teaches.

Each faculty member will meet classes regularly at the time and place scheduled. If a faculty member needs to cancel a class for any reason, he/she should contact all students in the class, the department administrative assistant, and the department chair. Plans for making up missed material and/or class time must be clearly communicated with the students and the department chair, if appropriate.

All courses except seminars, workshops, internships, laboratories, and research courses must hold a final meeting. This meeting will be held at the time and place specified in the final examination schedule published by the Registrar unless an exception is granted by the Dean’s Office.

Faculty are also expected to mentor the intellectual engagement of students outside the classroom. As is appropriate to the discipline, such opportunities may include:

  • independent study
  • student research
  • internships/practica
  • student teaching
  • civic engagement and service learning
  • student performance
  • creative activities

Faculty members should, in consultation with their department chair, determine the appropriate level of involvement with students in these activities each semester.